Robert M Best: Dialog between TV movies and human viewers. Graybeal & Uhlir, December 8, 1981: US04305131 (551 worldwide citation)

A video amusement system by which one or more viewers influence the course of a motion picture as if each viewer were a participant in a real-life drama or dialog. A speech-recognition unit recognizes a few spoken words such as "yes" and "run" spoken by a viewer at branch points in the movie, thus s ...

Robert L Conta, Harvey N Wallach: Stapling instrument having an anvil-carrying part of particular geometric shape. United States Surgical Corporation, Robert R Jackson, John E Nathan, December 8, 1981: US04304236 (427 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for circular surgical stapling of hollow organs comprising an instrument and disposable cartridge assembly. The instrument comprises a housing with a throughbore in which a tube that is received for reciprocation by means of a manually operable squeeze handle. A rod reciprocates within the ...

Charles J Yarbrough, Alan F Strachan, Jo Weisman: Method and apparatus for selectively recording a broadcast. Codart, Townsend and Townsend, December 8, 1981: US04305101 (266 worldwide citation)

A selective receiving and/or recording technique for broadcast audio and/or video programs where the broadcast signal has a tone code preceding each program segment to which a monitoring-receiving-recording device is responsive, either matching the tone code with a prestored list of orders for recei ...

William M Benton: Modular funds transfer system. Lowe King Price & Becker, December 8, 1981: US04305059 (190 worldwide citation)

A system for transferring funds in lieu of cash comprises an identical funds transfer module issued by a bank or other financial institution and carried by each member who may be a customer or vendor. The modules, which are adapted to exchange funds data bidirectionally, each comprise a memory for s ...

Alfred R Perlin: Esophageal probe with balloon electrode. The Kendall Company, Powell L Sprunger, December 8, 1981: US04304239 (173 worldwide citation)

An esophageal probe comprising, a shaft assembly having an elongated shaft with an inflation lumen extending along the shaft, and an inflatable balloon on the shaft communicating with the inflation lumen. The probe has a pair of conductive electrodes on an outer surface of the balloon.

Johannes Grandia, Daniel F O Kane, Hugo A E Santini: Rotary electroplating cell with controlled current distribution. International Business Machines Corporation, Joseph E Kieninger, December 8, 1981: US04304641 (171 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and a method for rotary electroplating a thin metallic film having a uniform thickness and composition throughout. The apparatus includes a flow-through jet plate having nozzles of increasing size and uniformly spaced radially therethrough, or the same sized nozzles with varying radial ...

Charles F Samelson: Device for treatment of snoring, bruxism or for avoidance of sleep apnea. Norman Lettvin, December 8, 1981: US04304227 (163 worldwide citation)

A device is provided for positioning within the mouth of a user for preventing snoring and nocturnal tooth grinding. The device is an integrally molded body. The device provides dental engaging portions and a rearwardly-opening central socket for cooperating with the forward portion of the user's to ...

John W Anderson: Anchor element for panel joint. H H Robertson Company, George E Manias, December 8, 1981: US04304083 (150 worldwide citation)

An anchor element inserted through the end of a panel joint into the joint cavity provides an anchor site. Components, such as window frames, flashings, girts and the like, are secured to the anchor element by positive fasteners. Integrally formed flexible arms retain the anchor element in fixed pos ...

Martin M Atalla: Multilevel security apparatus and method. Atalla Technovations, A C Smith, December 8, 1981: US04304990 (138 worldwide citation)

A card-coding system and method preserves the security of the encoding process against duplication and counterfeiting of cards by securing the interactions under the control of the individual and then of the issuing institution. Multilevels of offset codes are generated in successive interactions so ...

David E Curtin: Underwater-breathing device. Francis X Lo Jacono, December 8, 1981: US04304229 (133 worldwide citation)

An underwater-breathing device which combines the use of a snorkel with a scuba regulator to allow a skin diver to readily switch back and forth from the regulator to the snorkel as he alternates from deep diving to surfacing with his head submerged just a few inches below water surface, the breathi ...