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Liquid detergent compositions, particularly for use as hard surface cleaners, comprising 1%-20% surfactant, 0.5%-10% mono- or sesquiterpenes, and 0.5%-10% of a polar solvent having a solubility in water of from 0.2% to 10%, preferably benzyl alcohol. The compositions provide excellent cleaning of bo ...

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Ball-point pen cartridges have at their writing tip a rotatably mounted writing ball (12) which is connected via a connection tube to a widened storage space (10) which contains the writing fluid. In the case of large-capacity cartridges, a silicone plug (14) is provided in the rear end of the stora ...


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There are disclosed novel compounds described as 3,4-diamino 1,2,5-thiadiazoles wherein one of the amine functions is connected to a substituted or unsubstituted phenyl or heterocyclic group through a linear connecting group or through a phenylene connecting group. Processes are provided for the pre ...

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A process for polymerizing olefins in the gaseous phase in separate first and second gas-phase polymerization zones, in the presence of a catalyst composed of a transition metal catalyst component and an organo-metallic compound of a metal of Groups I to III of the periodic table while feeding the c ...


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In making paper from an aqueous papermaking stock, a binder comprising colloidal silicic acid and cationic starch is added to the stock for improving the paper or the retention of the stock components, or is added to the white water for reducing the pollution problems or recovering values from the w ...

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An aluminium foil electrode (11) is secured to a flexible insulating sheet (10) by pressure sensitive adhesive. The foil has a slot (14) extending for the major portion of the foil's length from a contact edge (12b). To test for cracks in the foil which might cause poor electrical contact with the p ...