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Toll collection facilities for tunnels, bridges and turnpikes slow traffic, waste time and fuel, and increase air pollution. Eliminating the need for a toll payment stop would avoid this waste and reduce toll facility operating costs. A single, universally applicable system and apparatus is describe ...

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A device for inhaling a mixture of air and vaporized volatile compounds, but without combustion or thermal decomposition of the volatile compounds or of other non-volatile organic matter, as is the case in ordinary smoking methods. The device is intended to be hand-held in a manner similar to that o ...

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A cassette and controller for accurately controlling fluid flow through an administration set while maintaining a closed fluid system. Inlet and outlet conduits are defined in a body of the cassette and inlet and outlet valves control fluid flow through the respective conduits. A rigid internal cavi ...

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A method is disclosed for recovering viscous crudes from petroleum-containing formation, such as tar sand deposits, which are too deep to mine economically but not deep enough, or geologically not structured properly, to successfully hydraulically fracture for well to well production. The method con ...

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Apparatus is disclosed for centrifugally separating blood into a first blood component, such as a plasma-rich component, and a second blood component, such as a plasma-poor component. This apparatus employs a self-balancing centrifuge intended to be used immediately adjacent to a blood donor. The bl ...

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A plurality of inertial measuring unit (IMU) modules (41A, B, C and D) each comprising gyros and accelerometers (61, 65 and 67) for sensing inertial information along two orthogonal axes, are strapdown mounted in an aircraft, preferably such that the sense axes of the IMUs are skewed with respect to ...

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An electrosurgery safety monitor senses a parameter indicative of the area of contact between the return electrode of an electrosurgery system and the body of the patient. An alarm is provided if the area of contact between the return electrode and the body is less than a predetermined amount.

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A showering system includes a source of hot water and a showerhead fed from that source. To produce steam, there is a conduit that delivers water from the source to a showerhead and in which is defined an outlet. Disposed within the conduit is a selectively controlled diverter of the water arriving ...

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A spring-driven track unit for merchandising soft drink bottles has a sliding sheet metal pusher having a forwardly extending foot and a sloping back extending upwardly and forwardly from the rear edge of the foot. A self-coiling polyester sheet extends from a coil retained at the front of the track ...