Yuji Iwashita, Katsumi Ajisaka: Blood substitute containing modified hemoglobin. Ajinomoto Company Incorporated, Oblon Fisher Spivak McClelland & Maier, November 17, 1981: US04301144 (414 worldwide citation)

A novel modified hemoglobin was prepared. The hemoglobin is coupled with a polyalkylene glycol or its derivative, and the products are useful as a blood substitute. The oxygen-carrying capacity of this hemoglobin is nearly equal to that of a native hemoglobin, and the residence time in the circulati ...

Edwin H Weder, Donald E Weder: Flower pot covering. Harvey B Jacobson, November 17, 1981: US04300312 (329 worldwide citation)

A substantially planar sheet of thin plastic film is held about the exterior of a flower pot by use of a cradle having a substantially circular base with a plurality of upstanding fingers spaced evenly about the base. The cradle is produced in a size just slightly larger than the flower pot it is to ...

Jeremy R Hill, Allen E Meyer: Liquid conductivity measuring system and sample cards therefor. United States Surgical Corporation, Fleit & Jacobson, November 17, 1981: US04301412 (300 worldwide citation)

A system for measuring a parameter of a liquid sample, such as the hematocrit and an approximation of hemoglobin for a blood sample. The system basically comprises a hand-held instrument and a disposable sample card. The instrument accepts the disposable sample card, which is used for the one-time c ...

Hiroyuki Furihata: Forceps for extracting stones in the pelvis of a kidney. Olympus Optical, Frishauf Holtz Goodman and Woodward, November 17, 1981: US04300564 (275 worldwide citation)

A forceps for extracting stones in the pelvis of a kidney comprises a pair of shanks pivotally connected to each other and each having a finger ring at one end, a pair of arms extending from the other ends of the respective shanks away from the finger rings and being curved to deviate from the plane ...

Jerry E Carstens: Layered paper having a soft and smooth velutinous surface, and method of making such paper. The Procter & Gamble Company, Thomas J Slone, Fredrick H Braun, Richard C Witte, November 17, 1981: US04300981 (249 worldwide citation)

A layered paper and method of making it, which paper is characterized by having a soft, relatively untextured smooth velutinous surface defined by a multiplicity of relatively flaccid papermaking fibers having unbonded free end portions of substantial length, and which surface is subjectively discer ...


Keizo Otsuki, Hidetoshi Mochizuki, Akira Suzuki, Yoshio Adachi, Hideki Kosaka, Gen Murakami: Lead frame and semiconductor device employing the same with improved arrangement of supporting leads for securing the semiconductor supporting member. Hitachi, Craig and Antonelli, November 17, 1981: US04301464 (181 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a lead frame which is applied to a resin-molded semiconductor device. According to the lead frame of this invention, a quadrangular tab for supporting a semiconductor pellet is supported by four tab leads which extend along diagonal lines of the tab.

Ronald A Schachar: Multifocal ophthalmic lens. Richards Harris & Medlock, November 17, 1981: US04300818 (173 worldwide citation)

The specification discloses a multifocal ophthalmic lens to provide a variable focusing power lens for near and farsighted corrected vision. The lens includes a first and second lens element. First and second electrodes are disposed between the lens elements, and a film of liquid crystal is disposed ...

Sigfried Hessberg, Werner Dold: Portable infusion apparatus. Intermedicat, Merriam Marshall & Bicknell, November 17, 1981: US04300554 (168 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a portable continuous infusion apparatus for administering an injectable liquid to a patient. The apparatus expells the contents of a syringe on a time controlled basis. It employs two separate springs, with one spring used to power a clockwork and another spring to power a gear rack to ...

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A procedure is disclosed employing the sequential addition of monomers to form a copolymer useful in the manufacture of surgical articles.