Heinrich Oltmanns, Axel Granz: Box formed building panel of extruded plastic. Heinrich Oltmanns, Andrus Sceales Starke & Sawall, November 10, 1981: US04299070 (299 worldwide citation)

A box formed building panel has a section in the end walls that joins the panel to an adjacent panel and seals the joint against heat loss. The joining and sealing functions may be combined in a single construction, such as a wedge-shaped projection on one panel insertable into a sealant containing ...

Ajay M Madgavkar, Roger F Vogel, Harold E Swift: Utilization of energy obtained by substoichiometric combustion of low heating value gases. Gulf Research & Development Company, Deane E Keith, Forrest D Stine, Donald L Rose, November 10, 1981: US04299086 (240 worldwide citation)

The combustible component of a gas stream of low heating value is combusted using less than a stoichiometric amount of oxygen in the presence of an oxygenation catalyst and the heat energy in the combusted gas is utilized, for example, by expansion in a gas turbine.

Vidya S Banka: Coronary dilation method. Benasutti Associates, November 10, 1981: US04299226 (238 worldwide citation)

A novel coronary dilation method is disclosed wherein a guiding catheter having at least one side arm is continuously flushed with heparinized saline during the dilation process except for momentary interruptions for recording coronary pressures. In accordance with the preferred embodiment method, a ...

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In the underground gasification of a swelling coal the high gas-flow link between the injection and the production wells is produced by introducing hot air into the injection well at a pressure sufficient to fracture the coal. The bulk permeability of the coal proximate to the link is increased and ...

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An assay method and compositions are provided for determining the presence of an analyte in a sample. The analyte is a member of an immunological pair (mip) of immunogens--ligand and receptor. The method has two basic elements: a solid surface to which one of the members of the immunological pair is ...

Tetsumaru Kubota: Stabbing apparatus for diagnosis of living body. Olympus Optical, November 10, 1981: US04299230 (188 worldwide citation)

A stabbing apparatus for penetration of a living body wall, having a stabbing apparatus body provided with a sharp edge, a pressure sensor disposed on the peripheral surface thereof to sense the pressure to which the sensor is subjected when stabbing a living body wall, and an indicator responsive t ...

Richard T Simko: Nonvolatile static random access memory devices. Xicor, Fitch Even Tabin Flannery & Welsh, November 10, 1981: US04300212 (173 worldwide citation)

Nonvolatile, semiconductor random access memory cells comprising a static, RAM cell and a nonvolatile memory element which may be interconnected with the static random-access memory cell by capacitative coupling, such that the RAM cell contents may be directly copied to the nonvolatile element, and ...

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An ordering terminal for videocassette program material including a keyboard, credit card reader, TV monitor and speaker and display board. The user can order videocassette program material from the terminal and can preview proposed selection before ordering. The terminal is in communication with a ...

Sel Colak: Lateral double-diffused MOS transistor device. North American Philips Corporation, Thomas A Briody, Robert T Mayer, Steven R Biren, November 10, 1981: US04300150 (170 worldwide citation)

A lateral double-diffused MOS transistor includes a field-shaping semiconductor layer which serves to improve the breakdown voltage and/or on-resistance characteristics of the device. The field-shaping layer redistributes the electrical field in the device during operation in order to eliminate elec ...

Sadeque S Naficy: Neal J Mosely, November 10, 1981: US04298998 (146 worldwide citation)

A newly developed breast prosthesis overcomes the tightness and contracture of the fibrous capsule which forms around the existing prosthesis. The unique construction of the new prosthesis causes the capsule to form at a predetermined, controlled distance from the surface thereof. This prosthesis is ...