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A rotatable connecting device which provides for quick and positive interfitment between a venipuncture unit and an intravenous administration set without rotation or twisting of the venipuncture unit or intravenous tubing. A rotatable collar is provided on one of the members constituting the connec ...

Ted E Dunning, Paul L Enright: Remote pulmonary function tester. Cyber Diagnostics, Klaas & Law, October 27, 1981: US04296756 (173 worldwide citation)

A remote pulmonary function tester uses a microcomputer to receive patient identification data, direct the test sequence, store several FEV maneuvers, and then transmit the stored data in a digital format to a central computer. The central computer plots a flow volume curve, computes FEV, FEF.sub.25 ...

Joseph W Blake III, Jack W Kaufman: Surgical device. Karl H Gross, October 27, 1981: US04296751 (167 worldwide citation)

A surgical clip applicator includes a forceps and a detachable cartridge containing a string of clips which are fed seriatim between the anvils of the forceps jaws.

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A transfer device for use in mixing substances in different containers normally closed by a stopper of resilient material having a puncturable diaphragm consisting of a central body portion and a pair of aligned spikes or cannulas projecting from opposite sides of said central body portion. Each of ...

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A jointed drive unit is provided having a power output shaft used for driving a socket or the like, and an input shaft which transmits power to the output shaft through a gearbox permitting any angular orientation between input and output shafts greater than about 20.degree.. The mechanism is more t ...

Sukoo Lee: Surgical stapler using cartridge. Stonebraker Shepard & Stephens, October 27, 1981: US04296881 (142 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapling tool 10 using disposable cartridge elements includes an actuator 13 that moves toward and away from a staple folding anvil 20, a holder 22 for an array of staples oriented toward anvil 20, staples and a pusher 23 for pushing staples from holder 22 through tissue 30 and against an ...

Robert E Donham, Richard L Heimbold: Wind turbine. Lockheed Corporation, Frederic P Smith, October 27, 1981: US04297076 (126 worldwide citation)

An improved wind turbine in which the tip portions of the blades are variable in pitch and are cyclically varied in pitch to control the yaw of the rotor and to relieve bending moments on the blades and are collectively varied in pitch to relieve bending moments on the blades and to maximize the pow ...

Edward C Brainard II: Apparatus and method for sleep detection. Environmental Devices Corporation, October 27, 1981: US04297685 (126 worldwide citation)

The invention rests on the discovery that the onset of sleep is preceeded by a drop in brain temperature as measured within the auditory canal. Auditory canal temperature is thus measured and its value used to activate an audible or visible alarm to prevent the subject's falling asleep.

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An electrophotographic element comprising a conductive substrate and a mono-layer type or multi-layer type photosensitive layer, superposed thereon, containing a photoconductive material in which said photoconductive material is a hydrazone compound having the following general formula (I) or an ani ...

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A high voltage connector assembly is disclosed for terminating a coaxial cable, and comprises plug and receptacle members. The receptacle member has a profiled blind bore of reduced diameter in a forward face thereof, and peripheral contact means at a forward end having a flared mouth portion diverg ...