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Catheter apparatus having transmitting and receiving optical fibers for photometric analysis of a fluid eliminates the need for individually calibrating each catheter within a population of catheters by making substantially uniform the center-to-center spacing between the outlet aperture of each and ...

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An ink clog is automatically sensed in an ink ejection nozzle (14). The clog is cleared by moving a cap (28) into covering engagement with the nozzle orifice, causing solvent to flow through the nozzle (14) from the cap (28) to dissolve the clogged ink and subsequently causing air to flow through th ...

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A pallet for receiving, retaining and facilitating the transportation of pressurized gas cylinders includes three fixed, upstanding fence-like side walls and a pair of upper and lower gate members defining a fourth, openable side wall. The fixed upstanding side walls extend around three sides of the ...

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An apparatus and method for culturing tissue or cells and for the preparation of conditioned culture media is disclosed. More particularly, the apparatus and method applies continuous simultaneous dialysis of the culture media. The apparatus and method are particularly applicable to the long term gr ...

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A titanium trichloride catalyst component containing a minor amount of prepolymerized alpha-olefin and useful in the polymerization of alpha-olefins is produced by reducing titanium tetrachloride with an organoaluminum compound at low temperatures and then treating the resulting reduced solids produ ...

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Apparatus particularly suitable for sterilization of a succession of food containers being fed intermittently along a horizontal path, preparatory to the filling of such containers with a desired food. Formed over and under the feed path are two opposed sterilizing chambers into which a sterilizing ...

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A magnetic switching device comprising a drive member and a slave member having magnetically attractive surfaces, the two members move angularly with respect to one another so as to bring the magnetic surfaces in and out of contact with one another.

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The present invention comprises a catalyst system, catalyst complex, and a process for the polymerization and copolymerization of alpha-olefins in which the process is carried out in the presence of a catalyst system comprising an organic compound of a metal of Group Ib, IIa, IIIb, or IVb of the Per ...

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The invention has especial utility for providing completely safe hermetic sealing of actuators extending into highly sensitive or isolative process equipment, such as that using atomic radiation. The invention uses a general principle taught by the inventor's prior U.S. Pat. No. 3,933,052. The actua ...

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A battery package having a casing which contains at least one electrochemical cell electrically connected to a DC to DC converter. A pair of electrical connections are located on the casing to electrically connect the battery package to a load. The converter conducts and the cell discharges only whe ...