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The process of separating bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) from bone tissue comprising the steps of demineralizing bone tissue; treating the demineralized bone tissue under aqueous conditions with a water soluble neutral salt and a solubilizing agent for the BMP, the agent being selected from the gr ...

Robert M Tanner: Error-correcting coding system. Regents of the University of California, Poms Smith Lande & Rose, October 13, 1981: US04295218 (163 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for constructing long error-correcting codes from one or more shorter error-correcting codes, referred to as subcodes, and a bipartite graph. The graph specifies carefully chosen subsets of the digits of the new codes that must be codewords in one of the shorter subcodes. Lowe ...

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The suction lavage system of this invention incorporates a pulsatile water lavage in combination with a suction system to improve the interface between a prosthesis, such as a hip replacement, and the interdigitating network of cancellous bone in which it is secured with acrylic cement. The water la ...

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Novel 20-demethoxy-20-acyloxymaytansinoids representable by the formula: ##STR1## [wherein X is chlorine or hydrogen; R.sub.1 is hydrogen or acyl group; R.sub.2 is acyl group] are produced from 20-demethoxy-20-hydroxymaytansinoids by means of acylation.

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Three-dimensional (3-D) topographic data defining a remote surface in terms of the 3-D positions of M.times.N sample points on that surface may be obtained by (1) illuminating the scene with an array of M.times.N (simultaneous) laser beams, (2) sequencing the array of laser beams through a series of ...

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The measuring head enables the production of measuring signals relating to electrical activity and measuring signals relating to an ionic or physico-chemical activity, notably pH, and is designed to be located on or in parts of a living body, notably on the head of an unborn infant. It comprises an ...

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The signal-to-noise ratio of a signal to be transmitted through a communication channel having an upper and lower limit in magnitude is sampled digitally and a common corrective factor for the deviations about the mean value of the signal is determined for amplifying the low portions of the signal w ...

Robert L Fuson: Bone plug inserting system. Zimmer USA, Margaret L Geringer, Richard H Brink, October 13, 1981: US04293962 (109 worldwide citation)

A device for plugging the medullary canal in joint replacement surgery which prevents the cement used for fixation from extending beyond that point where it is useful and which also creates a closed space to facilitate more complete cement filling of the femoral canal or other boney cavities is disc ...

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Skin or wound dressings are prepared in gel or sheet form from enzyme-solubilized collagen and/or such chemically modified collagen. Improved sheet form dressing is prepared by tubular extrusion of such collagen gels.

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The invention relates to a composition for treatment and control of excessively thickened, inflexible and scaly stratum corneum which often fissures into the dermis resulting in foci of bleeding and inflammation which are symptomatic of numerous altered skin conditions. More specifically, this inven ...