Raymond A Tricca: Electrical outlet insulation system. Armstrong Cork Company, October 6, 1981: US04293173 (66 worldwide citation)

A thermal insulation system for electrical outlets installed against the outside walls of buildings. A large plate of special thermal insulation is secured behind the faceplate of the outlet. Other smaller plates of thermal insulation are placed over the receptacles of the electrical outlets. Dummy ...

Walter W Gale, Maura C Puerto, Thomas L Ashcraft, Rhoderick K Saunders, Ronald L Reed: Propoxylated ethoxylated surfactants and method of recovering oil therewith. Exxon Production Research Company, Michael A Nametz, October 6, 1981: US04293428 (66 worldwide citation)

A method for recovering oil from a subterranean formation is disclosed wherein a novel solution is injected into and driven through the formation. The solution contains an effective amount of surface-active agent having the general formula

Matthew S Kim: Adjustable convex rearview mirror. Roylance Abrams Berdo & Farley, October 6, 1981: US04293191 (65 worldwide citation)

An adjustable convex rearview mirror comprising a mirror housing carrying a convex mirror and a support housing pivotally coupled to the mirror housing and adapted to be rigidly secured to a planar surface, such as the exterior rearview mirror of a motor vehicle. The mirror housing telescopically re ...

David E Young: Drilling head. Smith International, Murray Robinson, Ned L Conley, David A Rose, October 6, 1981: US04293047 (65 worldwide citation)

A drilling head includes a tubular body with top, bottom and side openings. An oriented side outlet with an oriented replaceable bushing is releasably connected to the side opening. The head without the side outlet will pass through most rotary tables.

Paul J Kristofek: Mounting arrangement for recessed light fixture housing. McGraw Edison Company, Jon C Gealow, Ronald J LaPorte, Charles W MacKinnon, October 6, 1981: US04293895 (64 worldwide citation)

An arrangement for the recessed mounting of an enclosed light fixture housing having an open end with a flange formed about the periphery thereof in an aperture defined in a planar member, such as a ceiling, includes a slotted aperture defined in the side wall of the housing with ratchet teeth forme ...

Masao Shimizu, Takashi Tokuno, Kohji Ishikawa, Naoaki Narumi, Osamu Ohguchi: Test pattern generating apparatus. Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation, Takeda Riken Kogyo Kabushikikaisha, Staas & Halsey, October 6, 1981: US04293950 (64 worldwide citation)

A test pattern generating apparatus in which a microprogram describing a test pattern to be generated is read for interpretation and execution, address and data patterns are generated by arithmetic operations and a memory control signal is produced, the address and data patterns and the memory contr ...

Tokuichi Tsunekawa, Makoto Masunaga, Kazuya Hosoe, Yukichi Niwa, Mitsutoshi Owada, Noriyuki Asano: Photo-sensor device and image scanning system employing the same. Canon Kabushiki Kaisha, Fitzpatrick Cella Harper & Scinto, October 6, 1981: US04293877 (64 worldwide citation)

A photo-sensor device comprises a light receiving part composed of a plurality of photo-sensor elements for converting photosignals into electrical signals. A portion of the light receiving part is shielded by light shielding means so that in reading out the output from the device, there can be obta ...

Antony Euclid C Villa Real: Electronic multi-patient medication-time-intake programmer and alarm system. October 6, 1981: US04293845 (63 worldwide citation)

A pocket-size Electronic Multi-Patient Medication-Time-Intake Programmer and Alarm System for use in homes, offices, clinics and hospitals in order to properly program a plurality of patients taking a singular or a plurality of medications, respectively, based on the desired time interval or frequen ...

Donald H McMahon: Fiber optic small displacement sensor. Sperry Corporation, Howard P Terry, October 6, 1981: US04293188 (62 worldwide citation)

An opto-electronic transducer is provided for converting small displacements into optical intensity or phase variations which may then be converted into varying electric currents. A first optical fiber guide is disposed with its end face stationary, for example, while a second optical fiber guide is ...

Franklin H Ellis: Electric supply for ion therapy. Sybron Corporation, Theodore B Roessel, J Stephen Yeo, October 6, 1981: US04292968 (61 worldwide citation)

A power supply provides direct current to electrodes attached to a patient. The positive electrode is at least partially silver and releases silver ions as a result of the electric current. Silver ions have known bactericidal properties and may be used to treat infected living tissue. Tissue may, ho ...