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A general method is disclosed for accurately determining the location or position of a source or sink of electric current on the surface of a resistance element or impedance layer. Touch panels are described that detect the presence of a user's finger on such surface, and produce output signals corr ...

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A lyophilized foam sponge product having medically useful hemostatic and adhesive properties formed from the hydrocolloids, gelatin, pectin, and sodium carboxymethylcellulose and having a density of from about 0.01 to about 0.10 grams/cc. The gelatin is present at from about 20% to about 80% by weig ...

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Millimeter wave transmission lines are disclosed for propagating electromagnetic waves of a wavelength ranging from about 10 mm to about 0.4 mm. The transmission lines comprise a fiber of co-crystallized thallium bromo-iodide consisting of from about 40 mole percent to about 46 mole percent thallium ...

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Controlled release formulations useful in the prolonged treatment and control of microbial infections in animals are comprised of a microbial agent intimately dispersed throughout a copolymer derived from lactic acid and glycolic acid. A method for providing protection to animals for extended period ...

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An improved dual stage-dual mode combustor capable of reduced emissions of nitrogen oxide from a combustion turbine is disclosed. The combustor includes two combustion chambers separated by a throat region. Fuel is initially introduced and ignited in the first chamber. Thereafter, fuel is introduced ...

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A dilatation catheter is provided with an inflatable section which in its non-inflated condition may have a diameter several times that of the balance of the catheter. Means are provided to axially twist the inflatable part of the catheter to reduce its diameter in its non-inflated condition to a si ...

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This invention relates to an improved intravaginal ring for use as a contraceptive comprising an inert elastomer core, a medicated layer encircling the core and an outer inert elastomer layer and method of manufacturing the intravaginal ring.

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A ceramic honeycomb filter having a large filter area and a low pressure loss is produced by adhering a film on an opening end surface of a porous ceramic honeycomb structural body having a large number of parallel channels extending therethrough, boring holes at a given portion of the film or adher ...

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A liquid-crystalline polymer phase having an induced cholesteric structure comprises a component having a chiral structure and a component having a nematic structure and contains a polymer with nematogenic units of the formula ##STR1## wherein R.sub.1 is hydrogen or methyl, n is an integer from 1 to ...

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An apparatus and process for the preparation of cryptocrystalline sweeteners, such as sorbitol, by the spraying of a heated, aqueous, low-viscosity, high-solids, sweetener solution, employing a cool, compressed, inert gas, through a nozzle into a fine spray and into a cooler atmosphere, to form very ...