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A drug form is provided for increasing the oral absorption of polar bioactive agents such as xanthines, polyhydroxylic substances, zwitterions, polypeptides and organic anions and related chemical species by the oral administration of said polar bioactive agents in a suitable pharmaceutically accept ...

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Surgical retractors conventionally involve metal jaws used to apply force in a localised manner within the overall periphery of an operation site and this gives rise to several difficulties. It is now proposed that a surgical retractor comprise a flexible closed loop member (20) locatable in an init ...

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A method and a cloning vector are described for the controlled accumulation of cloned heterologous gene products in Bacillus subtilis. The cloning vector is capable of being replicated in B. subtilis and includes the heterologous gene located and oriented such as to be under the control of an operat ...

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b-Lactams have a sulfonic acid substituent SO3M in the 1-position and an amino or protected amino group in the 3-position. The amino compounds may have the formula:- wherein R2 is hydrogen or C1-4alkoxy; R3 and R4 are hydrogen, alkyl, cycloalkyl, phenyl or substituted phenyl, or one of R3 and R4 is ...

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Reversible electrochemical doping of conjugated polymers is carried out in an electrochemical cell wherein the polymer to be doped is employed as one or both of the electrodes, and the electrolyte is a compound which is ionizable into ionic dopant species. Upon operation of the cell, the conjugated ...

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1. Herbicidal compositions which comprise an amount of A) phosphinothricine derivatives of the formula see diagramm : EP0036106,P13,F3 in which R is hydrogen or (C1 -C4 )-alkyl, their salts with acids or bases of phosphinothricyl-alanyl-alanine, in combination with B) inorganic or organic ammonium s ...

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A heat exchanger having a plurality of heat exchanging units (37,38) for different fluids to be cooled, and a blower (22) around which the heat exchanging units (37,38) are arranged. Each heat exchanging unit (37,38) may include tank chambers (24-27) to which a fluid inlet pipe (28,29) and a fluid o ...