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Disclosed is a novel hole trapping layer and the use of this layer in an overcoated photoresponsive device, this hole trapping layer being comprised of materials of the following formulas: ##STR1## wherein R.sup.1, R.sup.2, R.sup.3, R.sup.4, R.sup.5, and R.sup.6 which may be the same or different ra ...

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A continuous process and apparatus are disclosed for forming products from thermoplastic polymeric material having three-dimentional patterns and surface textures on one or both faces that may be similar or dissimilar with or without a continuously changing profile and with or without shaped edges, ...

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A method and apparatus employing spread spectrum techniques in a wide bandwidth communications system is disclosed. A plurality of transmitting stations are each equipped to provide a transmission signal representing a pseudo-random coded, phase modulated, message signal. The transmission signal is ...

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Distortion introduced into a multiamplitude signal format by a high power microwave amplifier is compensated by a system which adapts itself to non-linearities present in the amplifier and predistorts the input signals before they are subjected to the non-linearities created by the amplifier. The de ...

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A multipath diversity spread spectrum communications receiver will enhance system performance over communication channels with distortion caused by multipath and fading effects. The multipath diversity receiver utilizes decision directed coherent integration with post detection correlation technique ...

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A shaped mass resorbable in the body, comprises collagen and a bioresorbable binding agent for collagen, the binding agent being selected, e.g., from polymers of C.sub.2-16 .alpha.-hydroxyalkanoic acids, polymers of natural amino acids, hydrolyzed collagen or hydrolyzed elastin.

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A fastener comprising two articles adapted for releasable engagement. At least one of the articles comprises a backing with a non-fibrous polymeric surface bonding layer in which are bonded a plurality of U-shaped flexible resilient monofilaments of longitudinally oriented polymeric material. Each o ...

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A method and apparatus for detecting the presence of caries in human teeth using visible luminescence. A region to be examined is excited with a beam of monochromatic light. The intensity of the visible light emitted from the region is measured at two predetermined wavelengths, one where the intensi ...

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The power of computer-based services is made available to telephone subscribers by a telephone station set (10) including a telephone handset (17) for audio transduction, a video output display screen (13) and manual input key facilities (16,20,23) coupled for interaction by a data processing facili ...

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A center-pull cutting annulus which is radially expansible is employed to achieve complete removal of arteriosclerotic material from occluded arteries.