Nozawa Hiroshi: Semiconductor device using component insulation and method of manufacturing the same.. Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co, September 16, 1981: EP0035690-A2 (11 worldwide citation)

A method for element isolation utilizing insulating materials (6) in a semiconductor substrate (1) is proposed. This method is characterized in that an oxidizable material layer (3) of polycrystalline silicon or the like is formed, the oxidizable material layer (3) disposed at the element-isolatingf ...


Elastomers and tyres containing them. Dunlop, September 16, 1981: GB2071117-A (11 worldwide citation)

Novel copolymers of aromatic vinyl compounds and conjugated diolefins, especially styrene-butadiene copolymers having a vinyl content of at least 30%, have a differential content of the aromatic vinyl compound such that in at least one of its end portions said differential content shows a sharp and ...

Oral hygiene apparatus. Lingner & Fischer, September 16, 1981: GB2070922-A (11 worldwide citation)

Oral hygiene apparatus in the form of a toothbrush comprising a treatment head 30 movably mounted on a handle 10, the head 30 being provided with bristles 32 and a plurality of discharge ducts 33 for supplying treatment material to the bristles 32, the head being arranged to move between a first pos ...

Volger Karl Dieter Dr, Treudler Ilse: Pharmaceutical preparations.. Roehm Pharma, September 16, 1981: EP0035597-A2 (11 worldwide citation)

Die Erfindung betrifft pharmazeutische Zubereitungen zur medikamentösen Therapie des Parkinson-Syndroms, die eine wirksame Menge an (+ )-Trans-2-phenylcyclopropylamin, das im wesentlichen frei vom (-)-Isomeren ist und/oder eines physiologisch unbedenklichen Säureadditionssalz desselben als Wirkstoff ...

Iwasaki Shigeo, Haguchi Hiroshi: Brick forming apparatus.. Mitsuishi Fukai Iron Works, September 16, 1981: EP0035568-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

A moulding machine for bricks or the like, wherein moulding is accomplished by filling raw material for the bricks in a mould (1) and moulding the material between upper and lower plungers (2,3) applied with pressure. A mould base (4) has a U-shaped configuration opened at its front side. The mouldi ...

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Thermoplastic synthetic filaments having a properly delustered appearance and an adequate frictional property, comprise 85 to 99% by weight of a thermoplastic matrix polymer and 1 to 15% by weight of a dispersed polymer which is incompatible with the matrix polymer and uniformly dispersed in the for ...

Payne George K: Air conditioning system.. Garrett, September 16, 1981: EP0035909-A2 (10 worldwide citation)

In an aircraft cabin refrigerated air conditioning system expanded and cooled air for admission to the cabin (14) at (38) is warmed by cabin air from (42) re-circulated through a duct (56) to a point (37) downstream of a turbine (22) to prevent formation of ice.

Katamine Shinichiro, Horiuchi Mitsuyuki, Sekimoto Kunitoshi, Mamiya Yoneji: Method for producing iodine-enriched eggs.. Nihon Nosan Kogyo, September 16, 1981: EP0035882-A1 (10 worldwide citation)

Food product comprising an iodine-enriched egg which may be obtained by feeding to an egg-laying bird an iodine compound and/or seaweed containing iodine and which improves lipid metabolism and has an anti-cancer effect.

Walther Gerhard Dr, Scheider Claus S Dr, Weber Karl Heinz Dr, Fugner Armin Dr: Heterocyclic compounds, their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them.. Boehringer Sohn Ingelheim, September 16, 1981: EP0035749-A1 (10 worldwide citation)

Die Erfindung betrifft neue heterocyclische Verbindungen der allgemeinen Formel ihre Herstellung und Verwendung. In der Formel I bedeuten R1, R2, R3 und R4 Wasserstoff, Halogen, Alkyl oder Alkoxy mit jeweils 1 bis 6 C-Atomen, R5 und R6 Wasserstoff, Alkyl mit 1 bis 6 C-Atomen oder Alkenyl mit 3 bis 6 ...