Apparatus for capturing subsea leakage of oil and gas. Chicago Bridge & Iron Co, September 16, 1981: GB2071020-A (12 worldwide citation)

A liquid-gas separator for capturing oil and gas flowing uncontrollably from a sea floor well blowout includes a vessel (12) which is placed near the sea floor over the blowout. Gas released from the oil is separated in the vessel and conducted away (72). The captured oil, freed of a large amount of ...

Method and apparatus for obtaining water from moisture-containing air. Glueck Alfred, Altmann Althausen Helmut Dipl, September 16, 1981: GB1597988-A (12 worldwide citation)

The air is channelled into a cylindrical container (1), the wall of which, at least in that part exposed to solar radiation (5), consists of a material which is permeable to the rays (5) of the sun. The container (1) is partly embedded in the earth (11) and has, on the inner side of this part of the ...

Sutton Richard Calvin, Martin Thomas William: A photosensitive composition, an article comprising the composition and the use of the composition as a photoresist.. Eastman Kodak Co, September 16, 1981: EP0035917-A2 (11 worldwide citation)

The properties of a dichromated hydrophilic colloid photosensitive composition are improved by the incorporation of certain copolymer latices. More particularly, the copolymer particles in the latex conform to the structure: -A)(B - phi -a wherein A is a polymerized monomer or monomers having the st ...

Sulfurized olefin compositions and lubricants and concentrates containing them. Lubrizol, September 16, 1981: GB2071139-A (11 worldwide citation)

Compositions comprising (A) at least one benzotriazole or reaction product thereof with an aliphatic amine and (B) a sulfurization product of at least one aliphatic or alicyclic C 3-30 olefinic compound are useful in lubricants, especially gear lubricants, as additives capable of affording long-last ...



Engler Siegfried Prof Dr Ing, Woithe Herbert Dipl Ing: Mold for continuous casting.. Woithe Herbert Dipl Ing, September 16, 1981: EP0035958-A2 (11 worldwide citation)

1. Continuous-casting mould with a wall (21, 37, 40) which is permeable to gases and through which compressed gas issues laterally towards the melt (26), and with a hot top (16, 28, 33) which is located above the mould wall, the wall of this hot-top (18, 28, 33) being inwardly offset in relation to ...


Herder Kornelis: Surge unit.. Wavin, September 16, 1981: EP0035813-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

A surge station adapted to successively displace products or groups of products (5) between two processing or operating units comprising an alternately controllable discharge (2) and/or supply (1) device and a surge means (7) applied in the path of travel of products or groups of products between tw ...

Kohlhepp Wolfgang Dipl Ing: Charging pressure control device for internal-combustion engines.. Bayerische Motoren Werke, September 16, 1981: EP0035691-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

A combustion engine provided with an exhaust gas turbocharger (1) has a control valve (9) disposed within a bypass conduit (8) by passing the exhaust gas turbin. The actuating member (11) of the valve is controlled by a control pressure depending on the surrounding temperature and pressure, on one s ...