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This invention relates to a data processing system including an array of parallel processors (81) and a control unit (41). The system is of the type including addressable memory for registration of processing and machine status, as well as conditions in which at least some of the modular blocks in t ...

Worsey Michael John, Windass John David: Method for making genetically modified microorganisms.. Ici, September 16, 1981: EP0035831-A2 (27 worldwide citation)

A method for making a genetically modified microorganism wherein DNA material, particularly material comprising a gdh gene, is transferred from a donor microorganism to a recipient microorganism using a plasmid vector. The invention relates in particular to the use of multicopy plasmids and/or DNA f ...

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The apparatus includes a microwave generator (1, 2) which is connected through a feeder (3, 5) to cavity (49) defined by a light-reflecting member (4) and a member (9) which is transparent to light but opaque to microwaves. An electrodeless discharge bulb (6) contains substance for discharge light e ...

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Compounds of the general formula wherein R1 is R3S[O]n; R3 is C1-C4 alkyl, C3-C4 alkenyl, cyclopentyl or cyclopropylmethyl; R2 is H, F, Cl, Br, CH3, OCH3CF3, NO2, CN or NH2; n is 0, 1 or 2; W is O or S; T is CH or N; Z is CH or N; X is CH3, C2H5, OCH3, OC2H5, or CH2OCH3; and Y is CH3 or OCH3; and th ...


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A pharmaceutical composition comprising gamma -linolenic acid and/or dihomo- gamma -linolenic acid together with a conjoint amount of a compound influencing the 1-series/2-series PG balance in the body in favour of 1-series PGs and selected from chloroquine and other 4-aminoquinolines including amod ...

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Unter dem Einfluss eines kationischen Katalysators in höhermolekulare Stoffe überführbare Substanzen (I) wie 1,2-Epoxide, Aminoplaste, Vinylmonomere oder -präpolymere oder Phenoplaste, werden so überführt durch Belichtung mit aktinischer Strahlung in Gegenwart eines Sulfoxoniumsalzes (II) der Formel ...