Schaller Wolfgang Dr Ing: Digital receiver.. Licentia, September 9, 1981: EP0035166-A1 (117 worldwide citation)

A fully digitised receiver comprising oscillator (2), mixer (1), IF filter (3) and demodulator (demod) is described which operates by the quadrature method. The oscillator frequency is selected to be equal to the received frequency. All units have their own, partially multiple processors and memory ...


Berner Eckhardt Ing Grad, Mirbach Hermann Josef Ing Grad: Device for data transmission between parts of a machine tool rotating relative to each other.. Scharmann & Co, September 9, 1981: EP0035057-A1 (98 worldwide citation)

Provided in each case in or on the mutually axially or radially parallel walls of two machine parts is a half cross-section (4, 5) of an annular channel (7) arranged concentrically about the relative axis of rotation of the machine parts and having a pulse-reflecting wall, and a pulse generator (8) ...

Louet Raymond: Heating top, in particular for cooking, comprising an electric heating resistance and process for its manufacture.. Seb, September 9, 1981: EP0035456-A1 (84 worldwide citation)

1. Heating surface, especially for culinary purposes, comprising a tubular electric heating resistor (2, 44) placed against a first face (9, 7) of a metal sheet (1, 21, 29, 42), the second face (8, 21a) of which is intended to be placed opposite to the material to be heated at the time of use, said ...

Rutter William J: Deoxynucleotide linkers to be attached to a cloned dna coding sequence.. Univ California, September 9, 1981: EP0035384-A2 (64 worldwide citation)

The present invention is based upon a general principle of providing specific olingonucleotide segments (>, herein) to be attached in sequence to a cloned DNA coding segment. The linkers of the present invention confer desired functional properties on the expression of the protein coded by the codin ...

Fernandes Peter M, Lundblad John L: Pasteurized therapeutically active protein compositions.. Miles Lab, September 9, 1981: EP0035204-A2 (62 worldwide citation)

Compositions containing thermally sensitive, therapeutically active proteins are pasteurized without substantial loss of therapeutic activity by mixing the protein composition with a pasteurization-stabilizing amount of a polyol prior to pasteurization. Pasteurized compositions containing therapeuti ...


E-cores. Licentia, September 9, 1981: GB1597508-A (47 worldwide citation)

Noyau magnétique en deux pièces en forme de E comportant un entrefer qui s'étend sur toute la section droite entre les branches médianes opposées.