Tarran Jones
Phil K Tarran: Emergency rescue axe device. John L Haller, September 8, 1981: US04287623 (27 worldwide citation)

A combination tool is disclosed particularly suitable for emergency rescue applications, generally composed of two pivotally connected elongate handle members having an axe head and pick head mounted respectively thereon. The handle members may be locked together to be used as a composite structure, ...

John F Gogal: Double cavity semiconductor chip carrier. Bell Telephone Laboratories Incorporated, H W Lockhart, September 8, 1981: US04288841 (233 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor device including a double cavity semiconductor chip carrier 100 which comprises a multilayer ceramic sandwich structure having a pair of semiconductor chip receiving cavities in the opposite faces thereof. The package enables mounting and electrical interconnection of a pair of semic ...

Toyoji Yabe: Television receiver apparatus for selectively displaying a video picture or alphanumeric data information. Sony Corporation, Lewis H Eslinger, Alvin Sinderbrand, September 8, 1981: US04288809 (229 worldwide citation)

Television receiver apparatus is disclosed for receiving and selectively displaying a video picture derived from video signals transmitted on a broadcasting channel, or alphanumeric data information derived from alphanumeric data signals which are transmitted during at least one horizontal line inte ...

Bruce J Talley, Barry G Tolbert: Closed circuit video guidance system for farming vehicles and method. Talley & Sons, Cahill Sutton & Thomas, September 8, 1981: US04288814 (229 worldwide citation)

A guidance system for a farming vehicle includes an electronic video camera attached to the underside of the farming vehicle and a video monitor electrically coupled to the camera for assisting an operator in steering the farming vehicle. The camera is mounted behind a front guide wheel of the farmi ...

Werner H Egli, Dennis Kuhlmann, Jack E Wier: Helmet-mounted sighting system. Honeywell, Trevor B Joike, September 8, 1981: US04287809 (173 worldwide citation)

An electromagnetic system for determining the orientation including position of a helmet worn by a pilot is disclosed, having a transmitting antenna for transmitting electromagnetic field vectors, a receiving antenna for sensing the electromagnetic field vectors, a control apparatus responsive to th ...

George H Pacharis, Kunissery P Sadanandan: Pull-to-set anchoring device. USM Corporation, Owen J Meegan, September 8, 1981: US04287807 (161 worldwide citation)

In a pull-to-set anchoring device for cementatious material in which a nut is disposed upon one end of a stem and a head is formed on the other and a band is disposed on the stem intermediate the head and the nut, the band being arranged to slide into engagement with the cementatious material when t ...

Harvey R Sellner, Robert T Wada: Currency discriminator. The Perkin Elmer Corporation, Giarratana, E T Grimes, T P Murphy, September 8, 1981: US04288781 (155 worldwide citation)

A currency discriminator for determining the denomination of a bank note or the like is disclosed. It includes a source of light directed at the note to be identified. A 2 mm.times.80 mm stripe is illuminated and the reflected light from the illuminated area is measured by a detector and converted i ...

Roderick E Collette: Interlocking rubber mat. Pawling Rubber Corporation, Mandeville and Schweitzer, September 8, 1981: US04287693 (141 worldwide citation)

A ventilated interlocking floor tile is disclosed comprising a lower layer including a heavy, substantially solid edge region provided with a plurality of interlocks for attachment with contiguous tiles and an upper layer securely fastened to the lower layer to form an upper floor surface including ...

Robert F Cobaugh, James E Lynch, Attalee S Taylor: Trifurcated card edge terminal. AMP Incorporated, Gerald K Kita, September 8, 1981: US04288139 (136 worldwide citation)

A card edge terminal is provided with a longitudinally trifurcated portion defining a resilient beam which presses against a circuit card and provides a wiping action of its contact surface along the card. The wiping action will tend to clean away debris and contaminants.

Harold P Bovenkerk, Paul D Gigl: Temperature resistant abrasive compact and method for making same. General Electric Company, Morgan Finnegan Pine Foley & Lee, September 8, 1981: US04288248 (135 worldwide citation)

In one embodiment, a compact for tools, such as cutting, drilling and shaping tools, consists essentially of self-bonded abrasive particles. The bonded particles define a substantially continuous interconnected network of pores, dispersed throughout the compact. The method for making such a compact ...