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A male incontinence device is provided including a flexible, thin sheet including a rim positioned along the outer edge of the sheet and a covering layer overlying the space within the rim. The rim comprises a first surface and a second surface with a foam layer connected therebetween. The rim also ...

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A monitoring and signalling system including a remote control unit in the residence of an individual and a centralized communication center interconnected with the remote control unit by a telephone network. A plurality of sensors are located within the residence and operate to monitor the occurrenc ...

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A simulated smoking device, adapted for non-burning or non-combustion uses, comprises: a container defining a passageway therethrough; a source of vaporizable nicotine in fluid communication; and means for preventing the evaporation of said nicotine during periods of non-use. The source of vaporizab ...

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Specified subclasses of blood cells, such as of lymphocytes, are automatically identified based on utilization of antigenic determinants on the cell surface, their reactivity with antibodies which fluoresce under known circumstances, and utilization of principles of flow cytometry. A blood sample is ...

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Method and apparatus for attaching elastic bands to a web comprised of absorbent articles such as diapers which are fabricated to lie transversely of the length of a continuous fabrication line. The bands are stretched in a direction transverse to the fabrication line and are attached to the web in ...

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Flame retardant, abrasion resistant elastomeric compositions comprised of thermoplastic polyurethane polymer and flame retarding amounts of a filler selected from decabromodiphenyloxide and antimony oxide in a 3:1 weight ratio, and decabromodiphenyloxide, antimony oxide, and ammonium polyphosphate i ...

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A vapor deposition system wherein means orbit a plurality of rotating planets. Each planet supports a plurality of wafer targets which orbit the associated planet axis. A planet wheel of limited rotatability is operative to effect rotation of the orbiting wafer targets.

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A process is provided for coloring thermosetting resins, made by polyaddition reaction of a nucleophile with an electrophile, with a polymeric liquid reactive coloring agent suitable for incorporation in the resin with the formation of covalent bonds, said coloring agent having the formula:

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A plurality of transceivers frequently share a common communication medium or radio frequency channel. A broadcast channel can support only a limited number of transceivers. At some point, the shared channel will become so busy that additional transceivers will divide up more of an already inadequat ...

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A code tracking loop for a spread spectrum receiver includes a pair of mixer circuits to which phase offset or relatively delayed pseudo noise code signals are applied and combined with an incoming IF spread spectrum signal. The output of the mixers are coupled to a sum and difference hybrid. The hy ...