Devices for introducing a catheter or a probe into a blood vessel. Technological Supply, July 1, 1981: GB2065479-A (32 worldwide citation)

A device for introducing a catheter or a probe into a blood vessel, comprises a hollow needle capable of being pierced into the vessel, a flexible guide capable of being introduced into the vessel through the needle, a dilator capable of being introduced into the vessel and around the guide after wi ...


Courregelongue Jean, Maffrand Jean Pierre: 1-amino-2-propanol derivatives, process for their preparation and their therapeutic use.. Sanofi, July 1, 1981: EP0031266-A1 (28 worldwide citation)

La présente invention est relative à des dérivés de l'amino-1 propanol-2 répondant aux formules suivantes: dans lesquelles R et R représentent indépendamment l'un de l'autre un atome d'hydrogène; un groupe alcoyle linéaire ou ramifié ayant de 1 à 10 atomes de carbone, cycloalcoyle mono- ou polycycli ...

Farges Guy: Optical interference filter for the protection against infrared radiations, and its application.. France Etat, July 1, 1981: EP0031278-A1 (27 worldwide citation)

The pass band of the filter is located in the visible range and centred on the maximum sensitivity of the eye. This filter comprises a support which is at least partially transparent in the visible band, on one face of which support there is deposited the filter per se, which is composed of n filter ...

Oya Masayuki, Iso Tadashi: Thiazolidine compounds, processes for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them.. Santen Pharma, July 1, 1981: EP0031104-A1 (26 worldwide citation)

Thiazolidine and pyrrolidine compounds which have the general formula and salts thereof for preventing or relieving diabetic complications and for reducing blood pressure, the processes for their preparation, and the compositions comprising them and pharmaceutically acceptable excipient(s).



Infrared condensing lenses. Kureha Chemical, July 1, 1981: GB2065916-A (23 worldwide citation)

The infrared rays condensing lens 20, for use in an infrared ray sensor 10, contains a Fresnel convex lens 34 composed of a synthetic resin capable of transmitting infrared rays and a membrane or film 36 for preventing the penetration of visible rays disposed of at least one of the surfaces thereof. ...