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A vein catheter bandage with hose, tubular coupling member, laterally directed wings, stop cock on the coupling member or plug, and plug holder on one wing. An oblong, suitably air-permeable and liquid-tight protective sheet has a sticky layer on one side and thereon a liquid-absorbing layer which i ...

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A coherent surgical-staple stack comprising a plurality of staples, bonded together in a parallel contiguous relationship by a biodegradable, absorbable plastic.

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A fixation device adapted for use within the medullary canal of a fractured tubular bone is characterized by having a gripper unit with a plurality of outwardly concave, springy gripper fingers which can be placed under an increased force to cause the fingers to securely engage the osseous tissue su ...

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In a radiation image recording system in which a radiation image is once recorded in a stimulable phosphor and then read out and reproduced on a recording material, the gradation of the radiation image is processed to enhance the diagnostic efficiency and accuracy of the image. The radiation image i ...

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A digital computer with the capability of incorporating multiple central processing units (CPU's), utilizes an address and data bus between each central processing unit and from one to fifteen intelligent composite memory and input/output modules (MIO). Data is transferred to and from each MIO and t ...

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Cryosurgical apparatus for necrosing human tissue or the like, the apparatus comprising a coolant supply where coolant comprising nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, Freon 13 or Freon 23 is disposed within a container as a liquid under its own vapor pressure; pressure elevating means for increasing the v ...

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Method and apparatus for identifying particular desired information bearing records having desired predetermined identifiable characteristics from a set of such records in a base data file. A special retrieval file including arrays of binary coded elements is produced and maintained from the informa ...

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Diesel exhaust particulates are efficiently trapped by incineration cleanable ceramic monolith porous wall filter elements. A number of arrangements for high efficiency elements having high filtration area in compact units are disclosed.

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A stacker for handling and counting documents such as, for example, paper sheets, paper currency and the like in which the documents are fed from an input tray through cooperative feeder and stripper assemblies which separate the documents to feed them in a one at a time fashion in a forward feed di ...

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A prosthetic heart valve consists of a tubular membrane having a flexible generally circular inlet end adapted to be attached to the annulus of a heart with one side of the tube held to the heart cavity as by attachment to the papillary muscle while the other side of the tube is formed as an extende ...