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A CP memory cell, of which many may be provided in a semiconductor memory device, has a charge storage region 2 in a semiconductor substrate 3. A source 6 and a drain 7 are formed in the charge storage region 2. A gate 8 is formed on a gate insulator layer on the charge storage region 2 between sour ...

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Articles are blow moulded from thermoplastic polymeric materials containing high proportions of fillers such as glass fibres. The method comprises extruding the filled polymeric material through a die having a mandrel for constraining the material into a tubular shape; coextruding between the die an ...

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A body-adsorbable polymeric material for surgical implantation which is a condensation product of reacting a diamine with lactic or glycolic acid to form a diamidediol which is then reacted with a bischloroformate or a compound selected from the group consisting of dicarboxylic acids, methyl and eth ...


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The specification discloses a low temperature process for depositing oxide layers on a substrate by photochemical vapor deposition, by exposing the substrate to a selected vapor phase reactant in the presence of photo-chemically generated neutral (un-ionized) oxygen atoms. The oxygen atoms react wit ...

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A decorative heat transfer comprises (a) a layer 2 of heat-activatable adhesive in the shape of the transfer, (b) adhering to the said heat-activatable adhesive, a layer 3 of a particulate decorative material, which is also in the shape of the transfer, and (c) overlying the said particulate decorat ...

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The films (10) are formed on a substrate (9) by means of chemical vapor deposition where a gas atmosphere containing at least one silane or germane of a higher order is used. The gases forming the gas atmosphere are supplied to a region adjacent to the substrate (9) and an excitation energy is appli ...


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A metal-covered substrate 10 is first absorbed (covered) with a layer of known biological particles 12 such as a protein. This active substrate is then put into a solution containing an unknown amount of second biological particles whereby some of the second biological particles 13 are randomly boun ...