Banning G Lary: Coronary cutting and dilating instrument. Ernest H Schmidt, June 16, 1981: US04273128 (305 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument for the treatment of stenotic and occlusive coronary artery disease is described whereby the lumen of the coronary artery is longitudinally incised sub-epicardially through an area of narrowing or obstruction immediately whereafter dilation of the arterial lumen at the site of ...

Takayuki Isobe, Mikio Matsuzaki: Mirror assembly with indicator. Nissan Motor Company, Ichiko, June 16, 1981: US04274078 (255 worldwide citation)

An assembly is provided which includes a mirror body for holding a mirror and at least one container for holding an indicator. The container includes a window portion under an opening formed in the mirror body within which the mirror is disposed. The mirror body is mounted to a portion of an automob ...

Roger F Vogel, Ajay M Madgavkar, Harold E Swift: In situ combustion process for the recovery of liquid carbonaceous fuels from subterranean formations. Gulf Research & Development Company, Deane E Keith, Forrest D Stine, Donald L Rose, June 16, 1981: US04273188 (232 worldwide citation)

An integrated in situ combustion process for recovering subterranean liquid and solid carbonaceous deposits in which the resulting flue gas of low heating value is combusted at substoichiometric conditions over two different oxidation catalysts in two combustion zones in series and is expanded in a ...

Charles E Enderby: Fiber optic light delivery apparatus and medical instrument utilizing same. Cavitron Corporation, Robert M Skolnik, William R Evans, June 16, 1981: US04273109 (196 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a fiber optic fiber transmission line which transmits light a distance from its source and is terminated, at its light delivery end, by a second fiber optic fiber of a larger diameter than the first fiber. An interlocking connector keeps the first and second fiber in positive contact in ...

Jal S Jassawalla: Medical infusion system. Andros Incorporated, Fitch Even Tabin Flannery & Welsh, June 16, 1981: US04273121 (173 worldwide citation)

A medical infusion system is described employing a pump for conducting fluid or semi-solids from an upstream portion to a downstream portion of the system. The pump includes upstream and downstream conduit means and a removable cassette communicating between the two. The cassette has a window therei ...

Takashi Tsukaya: Endoscope with bend angle control. Olympus Optical, June 16, 1981: US04273111 (164 worldwide citation)

An endoscope which comprises a distal end portion (14) containing an observation optical system, a flexible tube (10), and a freely bendable section (12). In the endoscope a plurality of supersonic transducers (20) are spatially arranged on the peripheral wall of the distal end portion, and a bend a ...

Manfred Boebel: Forceps for applying clips to fallopian tubes. Richard Wolf, Kinzer Plyer Dorn & McEachran, June 16, 1981: US04273129 (160 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to forceps for applying a clip to a Fallopian tube. The clip is in one piece and made of a somewhat flexible plastics material. It has two separable arms which are connected by a flexible strip: one of these arms has a catch recess in a free end thereof to face the strip, into ...

Albert D Krall, Albert M Syeles: Embedded dielectric rod antenna. The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Navy, R S Sciascia, A L Branning, D A Lashmit, June 16, 1981: US04274097 (155 worldwide citation)

A compact, directional antenna element for achieving narrow beamwidths and ide bandwidths. The element is formed from a polyrod having a high dielectric constant embedded in a wave guide made of a second medium having a dielectric constant slightly lower than that of the rod.

Hans G Neuhauser: Apparatus for drilling bone. Shenier & O Connor, June 16, 1981: US04273117 (137 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for forming a hole in a bone is provided, which comprises a body, a drill bit rotatable with respect to the body, and, in order to locate the drill, a mandrel coaxial with the drill bit, slidably projectable through the drill bit and biased to an extended position.

J Earl Zimmerman: Nasal cannula. Burns Doane Swecker & Mathis, June 16, 1981: US04273124 (137 worldwide citation)

A nasal cannula of the type to be connected to a fluid duct and positioned within the nose of a patient for administering therapeutic fluid. The cannula comprises a resilient bulbous member configured to fit snugly within and against the vestibule wall of one nasal cavity of the patient to form a ti ...