Production of interferon by genetic engineering. Yeda Res & Dev, Pasteur Institut, June 10, 1981: GB2063882-A (40 worldwide citation)

A process to isolate genetic material (DNA) containing the nucleotide sequence coding for interferon in human fibroblastic cells which comprises cultivating cells producing interferon when exposed to an inducer of interferon, exposing same to such inducer, extracting messenger RNA from said induced ...

Improvements in and relating to pipe connectors. Hunting Oilfield Services, June 10, 1981: GB2064041-A (37 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a pipe connector, for example for interconnecting pipe sections to form a pipe string for use in the drilling and/or completion of offshore oil or gas wells. The pipe connector comprises a tubular box member 3 for connection to the end of a pipe 4 and a tubular pin m ...

Levitt George: Herbicidal ureas, preparation, compositions and use thereof.. Du Pont, June 10, 1981: EP0030142-A2 (36 worldwide citation)

Ureas and isoureas of the formula wherein W min is O or S A min is H, Cl, Br, alkyl, OCH3, NO2 or CF3; A is a wide variety of ester or thioester groups or derivatives thereof; where R4 is H or CH3 R5 is H, CH3 or OCH3 W is O or S R is alkyl or alkenyl; and R1 is a pyrimidyl or triazinyl moiety which ...

Stuckert Paul Edward: A system for achieving secure password verification.. Ibm, June 10, 1981: EP0029894-A2 (35 worldwide citation)

A system for identifying an individual holder (person) of an unalterable charge card-like device (CARD) at a utilization terminal (U/I Terminal) wherein a unique user entered key (asserted key KA) is handled in a highly secure manner. The holder of the CARD causes same to be placed in a data couplin ...

Yellin Tobias Oregon, Edwards Philip Neil, Large Michael Stewart: Guanidine derivatives, processes for their manufacture and pharmaceutical compositions containing them.. Ici, Ici America, June 10, 1981: EP0030092-A1 (29 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a guanidine of the formula:- in which R and R are H, C1-10 alkyl, C3-8 cycloalkyl or cycloalkylalkyl in which the alkyl part is C1-6 and the cycloalkyl part is C3-8, each of the alkyl, cycloalkyl and cycloalkylalkyls being optionally substituted by one or more halogens selec ...



Position indicating apparatus. Atomic Energy Authority, June 10, 1981: GB2064125-A (27 worldwide citation)

A position indicating instrument comprising elongate primary (P) and secondary (S) mutual inductance coils in which the inductance of the secondary varies linearly over its length, and a metabolic member F, associated with the position to be indicated, displaceable along the secondary coil to cause ...

Levitt George: Herbicidal sulfonamides, and compositions, preparation and use thereof.. Du Pont, June 10, 1981: EP0030138-A1 (26 worldwide citation)

Sulfonamide derivatives of the formula wherein Q is O, S or R1 is optionally substituted pyrimidyl or triazinyl; R2 is H, halogen, alkyl, NO2, SO2CH3, OCH3, SCH3, CF3, N(CH3)2, NH2 or CN; R3 is H, halogen or CH3; R4 is H or CH3; R5 is H, CH3 or OCH3; R6 is H, alkyl, cyanoalkyl or allyl; and R is sel ...