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A sub-miniature switch having a pre-shaped wire spring contact movable to one of a plurality of operating positions. The pre-shaped wire spring contact performs the biasing and the detenting functions in addition to the contact function in the switch. Either a toggle, pushbutton or slide may be used ...

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A balloon catheter wherein the balloon is inverted within the distal end of the catheter for eversion therefrom and extrusion through a partially occluded blood vessel in response to the exertion of internal fluid pressure on the balloon. The catheter is designed to extrude through the occluded vess ...

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The specification discloses an improved multiple suture stapler in which two rows of staples are pushed by a comb-like ram out of a magazine of a frame and are clinched by an anvil releasably latched to the frame. The frame is of one-piece plastic construction and includes a pair of handles hinged t ...

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A stable, liquid seed coating composition is provided, including a binding agent, an active ingredient and a coloring agent in a liquid medium including water and a polyol.

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Shoes incorporating a multiple chambered sole member inflated to a pressure above atmospheric, and disposed above and adjacent to an outsole having a deflectable web and projecting elements, such as ground-engaging studs, depending from the web and disposed in spaced geometric relation to each other ...

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An electrophoretic display device which provides high contrast images and a stable suspending fluid is described. A white marking material such as titanium dioxide is suspended in a colloidal dispersion containing black colorant such as colloidal size iron oxide particles known as ferrofluids. Image ...

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A modular, branch circuit electrical power distribution system and components therefore, of the flexible wiring type. Lighting fixtures and devices are wired to connectors which employ contact assemblies comprising an integral combination of a male contact, a female contact, interconnecting bussbar ...

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A method for preventing gastro esophageal reflux when the gastro esophageal junction is positioned above the diaphragm. The method comprises positioning a generally C-shaped cushion prosthesis about the distal esophagus, adjusting the free ends of the prosthesis at a spacing to permit normal expansi ...

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Pesticides, insect growth regulators and other substances are encapsulated by dissolving the substance to be encapsulated and a biodegradable polymer in a suitable organic solvent, dispersing the solution in an aqueous medium and stirring until the solvent evaporates to form a matrix of the substanc ...

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A method and apparatus for improving the efficiency of an integrated combined cycle Brayton-Rankine engine is disclosed. The engine has a main power turbine operating on an open-loop Brayton cycle. Its air supply is furnished by a compressor independently driven by the turbine of a closed-loop Ranki ...