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A plurality of cellular concave mirror surfaces are formed on a plate-like reflector unit, and a plurality of light-emitting diodes are disposed on these cellular concave mirror surfaces to jointly form a colored light source. Connection wirings to be connected with a power supply source are provide ...

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Particularly for diabetes therapy, it is desirable to continuously infuse insulin in varying installments into the body of the patient. A control device serves as a program transmitter for a microdosing unit. The physician should be able to pre-program the daily profile of the infusion and, if neces ...

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A hypodermic syringe and automatic needle insertion device wherein the syringe is biased against a trigger when the needle is in its retracted position. Upon release of the trigger the syringe and needle are driven forward, extending the needle into the underlying tissue. The depth of insertion may ...

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A system is disclosed for monitoring vital physiological signs. Each of the system components utilizes a single hybrid circuit with each component having high accuracy without the necessity of repeated calibration. The system also has low power requirements, provides a digital display, and is of suf ...

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Instant-printing film further comprises a magnetic sound-recording band on one end part thereof, and is installed in an instant-printing camera which has a sweeping magnetic recording/reproducing head that sweeps touching and along the magnetic sound recording band, thereby enables recording of ambi ...

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A method and apparatus is disclosed for protecting a circuit from excessive current flow by pulse width modulation of a current sense signal and interrupting the circuit when the width of the pulse is less than a reference period.

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A device is disclosed comprising first and second capillary liquid transport zones provided by first and second pairs of opposing surfaces, the opposing surfaces of the second zone both extending from the same one of the paired surfaces of the first zone. The inlet to the second zone is a diverting ...

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A television tuning system includes apparatus for swapping or exchanging a presently selected channel for a previously saved channel when a user operates a switch provided for that purpose. The apparatus is arranged so that the saved channel is unaffected by channel selections so that it may be used ...

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A method for implanting an electrode adjacent the heart of a patient without requiring major surgery. A skin incision is made in the anterior thoracic region and/or in the abdominal wall, and by means of a specialized implantation tool tunnels are created through which the electrodes may be inserted ...

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The disclosure relates to multiprocessor handling of plural queues of pending I/O interrupt requests (I/O IRs) in a main storage (MS) shared by plural central processors (CPs). An input/output processor (IOP) inserts I/O IR entries onto the queues in accordance with the type of interrupt. The entrie ...