Doulas G Pedrotty: Rigid magnetic recording disks lubricated with fluorinated telechelic polyether. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, May 19, 1981: US04268556 (68 worldwide citation)

Rigid magnetic recording disk is lubricated by a thin coating of a fluorinated telechelic polyether polymer having at least one polar group such as --CONHCH.sub.2 CH.sub.2 OH, --COOCH.sub.3, --CONHCH.sub.2 C.sub.6 H.sub.5, and --COCF.sub.3 . The coating is surprisingly resistant to removal by common ...

Richard C Harmony: Insulator for canned drinks. Cahill Sutton & Thomas, May 19, 1981: US04268567 (68 worldwide citation)

An elongated sheet of crosslinked polyethylene foam, which type of foam can be imprinted with conventional printing inks, is wrapped about the cylindrical surface of a cylindrical container for thermal insulation of the container contents. A strip of adhesive is deposited upon one side at one end of ...

Martin M Atalla: Method and apparatus for securing data transmissions. Atalla Technovations, A C Smith, May 19, 1981: US04268715 (68 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus are provided for improving the security of data transmissions between stations and for controlling secured transactions from remote locations in a data-transfer system. The method and apparatus obviate the need for transmitting user-identification information such as personal ...

Leroy Thompson: Insulated building panel wall construction. Steelite, Webb Burden Robinson & Webb, May 19, 1981: US04267679 (66 worldwide citation)

This invention is directed to an insulating panel wall construction comprising a plurality of hollow insulated construction panels. The construction panels are fabricated from opposed interior and exterior sheet metal sections secured together through yieldable insulating gaskets. Together the secti ...

Vera C Weisz: Shoe sole with low profile integral spring system. Morse Altman Oates & Dacey, May 19, 1981: US04267648 (65 worldwide citation)

Footwear is provided in which a low profile shock absorbing spring system is disposed within the bottom thereof. A plurality of individual shallow springs are mounted in spaced side-by-side relation within a chamber formed in the bottom of the shoe between a tread surface and an insole member.

Peter J Coombs: Cyclone vacuum cleaning apparatus. H Ross Workman, Rick D Nydegger, J Winslow Young, May 19, 1981: US04268288 (65 worldwide citation)

A cyclone separator-type vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner has a cylindrical housing having three sections. Each section of the housing is joined to an adjacent section by latches provided on the housing. By releasing the latches the internal mechanisms of the vacuum cleaner can be easily accessed ...

Lynn O Grunewald, Steven J Hipp: Releasable lock mechanism. Rite Hite Corporation, Neuman Williams Anderson & Olson, May 19, 1981: US04267748 (65 worldwide citation)

A releasable lock mechanism is provided in combination with a stationary first member and a second member, the latter being adapted to assume various selected positions of rotary adjustment with respect to the first member. The lock mechanism includes a first lock component carried by one of the mem ...

Harvey S Koenig, George M Bryant: Acrylic acid-acrylate copolymer thickening agents. Union Carbide Corporation, Bernard Francis Crowe, May 19, 1981: US04268641 (63 worldwide citation)

Copolymers of acrylic acid and nonionic surfactant acrylates have been found to be useful thickening agents for both aqueous solutions and water/liquid hydrocarbon emulsions.

Toshihiro Itoi: Cash box provided with a till. Kabushiki Kaisha Itoi Seisakusho, Charles R Hoffmann, May 19, 1981: US04268076 (63 worldwide citation)

A cash box provided with a till comprises a cash box, a till which can be slidably taken in and out of said cash box and is provided with an engage body on its rear end portion, a base plate fitted within said cash box, an electromagnetic means provided on said base plate, a frame plate on which, on ...

Adam M Spence, James R Goff: Mounting means for pick on mining drum vane. Winster Mining, Merriam Marshall & Bicknell, May 19, 1981: US04268089 (63 worldwide citation)

A cutting drum for a mining machine, for example a shearer drum comprising helical vanes, to which picks are secured at spaced intervals peripherally thereof. In conventional practice, housings for the picks are secured such as by welding directly to the shearer drum vane. In accordance with the inv ...