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In one embodiment, a compact for tools, such as cutting, drilling, wire drawing and shaping tools, consists essentially of a porous mass of self-bonded, boron-doped diamond particles and a catalyst-solvent material. The method for making such a compact comprises the steps of bonding a mass of boron- ...

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An impending kickback condition is the operation of a power tool or machine tool system is sensed and used to control or eliminate the kickback. The ability to sense an impending kickback condition can be used in all categories of power driven tools. The change in force applied to the power driven t ...

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A restricted pharmaceutical storage and dispensing cabinet which has a main supporting shell and a stock supporting rack internally of the shell, having vertically and horizontally aligned rows of stock supporting cubicles. The rack is secured by an inner closure which includes an operating panel af ...

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A nebulizer for use in connection with a lung ventilating system characterized in providing a dual stage atomization of medicament carrying liquid. A first stage develops an aerosol exhibiting an initial, relatively larger average liquid particle size which is introduced to a chamber at a given stag ...

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A telephone system for providing communications between mobile radiotelephones, portable radiotelephones and landline telephones includes a land-line telephone system including a land-line switching network for providing communication paths for land-line telephones and a mobile radiotelephone system ...

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An intranasal device for filtering nasal air and dispensing medication to be inhaled comprises a pair of approximately cylindrical resilient containers joined together by a bridging member. The containers are adapted to be positioned within the nasal passages with the bridging member extending acros ...

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Antiperspirant emulsion compositions are described which comprise an aqueous solution of an astringent agent; a volatile, water-insoluble liquid; a polydiorganosiloxane-polyoxyalkylene copolymer; an oil-in-water type surfactant; and a water-in-oil type surfactant. A preferred embodiment comprises an ...

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A metal ferrule is attached to the end of an optic fiber, with the ferrule end and fiber tip coplanar. The ferrule and fiber are slidably mounted in a housing which incorporates a quick-release connecting catch, and are abutted by spring-loading against a mating optical device. The catch is adapted ...

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A device and method are described for precisely measuring pulmonary ventilation without the need for mouthpiece, face masks or other inhibiting devices subsequent to calibration. Anterior-posterior and lateral displacement of both the rib cage and abdomen are measured during breathing by at least 4 ...

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A masonry cement is prepared by blending portland cement, kiln dust, and fly ash. The cement of this invention exhibits no efflorescence, good board life, workability, and acceptable color for use with such construction materials as brick, cinder block, and concrete block.