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A photosensitive member having at least two electrically operative layers is disclosed. The first layer comprises a photoconductive layer which is capable of photogenerating holes and injecting photogenerated holes into a contiguous charge transport layer. The charge transport layer comprises a poly ...

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In situ shale oil recovery from oil shale deposits using radio frequency energy as a heat generator is facilitated by rubblizing the shale oil deposits before application of radio frequency energy.

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A device which monitors information contained in incoming telephone calls, and which, when attached to or combined with the circuitry of a telephone receiver, will automatically hold and display the identity of the caller while allowing the telephone bell to be rung only at certain times and/or for ...

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An attachment for a drill has a cannula attachable to the drill motor and provided with a curved distal portion. A flexible shaft extends through the cannula with a burr connected to its distal end and with its proximal end connectable to the drill motor to be rotated thereby.

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A layer of amorphous silicon containing H, preferably 10-40 atomic %H, is used as a photoconductive layer for electrophotographic photosensitive member.

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A detection circuit for detecting discrete states of multiple capacitive sensing devices in a continuum provides an output which is linearly variable with respect to changes in the states of the sensing devices. The circuit uses either a time interval measurement or voltage measurement which has a m ...