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A clip for retaining a flexible body fluid drain at a drainage site in a medical patient and preventing movement of the drain is disclosed. The clip has an upper portion containing a longitudinal slot into which the drain may be inserted sideways after placement of the drain in the drainage site, an ...

Carl T Becht, Robert G Rothfuss: Surgical staple. Senco Products, Frost & Jacobs, April 14, 1981: US04261244 (337 worldwide citation)

A surgical staple for use in suturing the skin or fascia of a patient. The surgical staple has an elongated, substantially horizontal crown portion terminating in downwardly depending leg portions having points formed at their free ends. The staple, together with a plurality of identical surgical st ...

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A data processing security system employs a secure enclosure, such as a vault, for all cryptographic processes, and the maintenance of digital information in storage outside of the enclosure in encrypted form and when not in use by the host computer system, where the information is used in plain tex ...

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A hand held, self-processing, electronic imaging camera for electronically recording an image of a scene, for providing a visual display of the recorded image on an electro-optical display device forming part of the camera such that the operator may audit or preview the recorded image and for printi ...

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An account is given of a method for monitoring of the position of patients and/or radiation units in which a first position is taken by a camera and stored and comparison between the stored position and the second position taken by the camera takes place. The first position taken by the camera and a ...

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A process is provided for installing mitral valves in their anatomical space by attaching cords to an artificial stent. A new valve to be implanted, having a human or an animal nature, is subjected to a preparation which includes isolating any other tissue of the donor, to be subsequently sutured bo ...

Lorin R Stieff, Charles B Stieff: Self-monitoring seal. James C Wray, April 14, 1981: US04262284 (142 worldwide citation)

Self-monitoring seals have ends of fiber optic bundle loops mounted in stressed tamper resistant containers. A battery operates microelectronics to change a display in predetermined sequence. Tampering with the container or interrupting or changing the light transmission through the fiber optic bund ...

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The storage stability of aqueous enzymatic liquid detergent compositions is improved by the inclusion therein of a stabilizing system comprising a poly-functional amino compound such as triethanolamine and boric acid or a boron-equivalent thereof.

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A light valve is formed of a plurality of spherical dipolar particles suspended in a matrix material. Each spherical dipolar particle has a unified body formed in three discrete symmetrical sections. A central section is configured to permit light transmission when in a first orientation with respec ...

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A semiconductor memory device provides a plurality of bit lines, a plurality of memory cells each of which is connected to a pair of different bit lines, a plurality of common word wires each of which is connected to the memory cells via a transmission gate. A characteristic feature of the present i ...