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A water absorbing, soft, hydrophilic, flexible, hydrolytically stable, biologically inert contact lens with the capability of transporting oxygen sufficiently to meet the requirements of the human cornea comprising a polysiloxane which is .alpha.,.omega. terminally bonded through divalent hydrocarbo ...

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This invention relates to a system providing for the remote control of video signals controlling remotely television channel selection and plural functions including tuning the composite television signal, manually varying the channel selection of the tuner, mixing of an auxiliary intelligence signa ...

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The disclosed invention is a suturing element comprising a backbone or strip of material with numerous hooks extending therefrom in at least two directions. It is used by inserting it into the wound so that the hooks snag the tissue edges and hold them together while the wound heals.

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A method is disclosed for manufacturing insulated electrical terminals in which the insulation is uniformly distributed over all portions of the terminal which are to be insulated. The present invention concerns a treatment of the terminal between the stages in which the terminal is initially stampe ...

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The prism light guide is a longitudinal hollow structure made of transparent dielectric material. The structure has substantially planar inner and outer surfaces which are in "octature". The hollow structure is formed of one or more longitudinal sections which may be bonded together with an adhesive ...

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A frame support for a cardiac tissue valve is provided of the type including a hollow, substantially cylindrical body composed of a semi-flexible structure of a material such as polypropylene, covered by a medical grade fabric. The frame support defines two fully opposite ends or entrances, to the e ...

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Method and apparatus for chemical treatment of workpieces is disclosed wherein a workpiece to be processed is exposed to a controlled gaseous atmosphere containing a gaseous constituent to be dissociated by laser radiation to produce a gaseous reactant product for reaction with a surface of the work ...

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Comminuted material conveyed from a hopper by a blower induced airstream accumulates on a screen. When a measured amount of material accumulates on the upstream side of the screen, a burner is energized to effect combustion of the material, producing smoke and unclogging the screen. The smoke is dis ...

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The invention concerns an article of footwear comprising a footwear upper attached to a footwear base, said footwear base comprising a sole part and a heel part, said heel part having an upper surface on which the weight of a person's foot will press and a lower surface adapted to contact the ground ...

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An antenna system for use in an electronic security system and having a transmitting antenna with at least one loop lying in a plane, and a receiving antenna having at least two twisted loops lying in a common plane with each loop being twisted 180.degree. and in phase opposition with each adjacent ...