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Binary signals are frequently combined from multi-level digital signals for the optimal utilisation of the transmission capacity of digital transmission links. For this purpose, the binary signals are subjected to a weighted addition. At very high bit rates, problems occur with respect to the exact ...

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1. A frequency divider for very short wavelength electro-magnetic waves, with an oscillator whose harmonics are synchronised and which has an amplifying semiconductor element (Tr), characterised in that there is inserted into the feedback path from the output to the input of the amplifier element (T ...


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A method is provided for forming stable dispersions of boehmite alumina in water containing a peptizing acid by mixing said alumina with dilute aqueous acid solutions and treating the alumina prior to dispersion by heating at temperatures of from about 250 DEG F to 700 DEG F and pressures of from ab ...

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1. A process for the structural transformation of rhombohedrally crystallized insulin, preferably of pig origin, having a 4-Zn structure to rhombohedrons having a 2-Zn structure, which comprises maintaining the crystals having a 4-Zn structure in an aqueous medium containing less than 6% of sodium c ...

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1. Liquid crystal mixture for electro-optical displays working in accordance with the guest/host principle, which liquid crystal mixture contains a nematic liquid crystal mass as the host phase and at least one pleochroic anthraquinone dye as the guest phase incorporated in the host phase, character ...

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1. Saturated or mono-unsaturated aliphatic methoxynitriles and hydroxynitriles of the general formula I see diagramm : EP0025939,P6,F2 where R**1 to R**7 and Y are each H or -CH3 , and the X's are all H or adjacent pairs of X's denote a further bond between the carbon atoms bearing them, and the thi ...

Vostrovsky Ernst: Fastening device for an injection tool of an injection moulding machine.. Krauss Maffei, April 1, 1981: EP0025995-A2 (31 worldwide citation)

Die Aufspannvorrichtung für an Aufspannplatten von Spritzgiessmaschinen befestigbaren Formwerkzeugen weist in der Aufspannplatte eine Zentrierbohrung und Spannmittel für die formund kraftschlüssige Halterung des in die Zentrierbohrung eingesteckten Formwerkzeugs auf.

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A wide olefinic C2 to C10 stream is restructured over a special zeolite catalyst to form primarily C4 to C7 olefins, the C4 to C7 isoolefins are reacted with methanol over an acid catalyst to form high octane ethers, and unreacted olefins and methanol separated from the ether product are recycled to ...