Raffaele A Sabia: Filled cables. Bell Telephone Laboratories Incorporated, Peter V D Wilde, March 31, 1981: US04259540 (316 worldwide citation)

An improved filling material having superior handling characteristics and useful for waterproofing electrical cables is disclosed. The material is a styrene-ethylene butylene styrene block copolymer dissolved in a naphthenic or paraffinic oil, with polyethylene added for consistency.

Henning Dynesen: Combined casing and operational support for a pocket calculator. Henning Dynesen, Bacon & Thomas, March 31, 1981: US04259568 (237 worldwide citation)

A combined casing and operational support for a pocket calculator, comprising a rectangular bottom and a rectangular cover connected with the bottom through a hinge joint and including a first part close to the hinge joint, and a second part having a greater length than the first part and being conn ...

Geoffrey Sutherland: Microsurgical instruments. The University of Melbourne, Dennison Meserole Pollack & Scheiner, March 31, 1981: US04258716 (218 worldwide citation)

Microsurgical instruments having a handle adapted to be grasped by a surgeon and operating means on the handle and an instrument body extending outwardly from the handle and having on its outer end the operative portion of the instrument which may be, for example, scissors or forceps, the arrangemen ...

Masaya Hirabayashi, Haruyuki Kawahara: Ceramic endosseous implant. Kyoto Ceramic, Richard H Zaitlen, March 31, 1981: US04259072 (214 worldwide citation)

This disclosure relates to an endosseous implant for use in dental and orthopedic treatment. The implant is a composite structure made of a combination of an outer ceramic member and an inner ceramic core member bonded together by glass cement. After being implanted, new bone tissue and new connecti ...

Philip L Keogh, Jay F Kunzler, Gregory C C Niu: Hydrophilic contact lens made from polysiloxanes containing hydrophilic sidechains. Bausch & Lomb Incorporated, Robert M Phipps, Frank C Parker, March 31, 1981: US04259467 (201 worldwide citation)

A hydrolytically stable, biologically inert, transparent, hydrophilic, contact lens comprising a polysiloxane containing hydrophilic sidechains is disclosed.

Joseph P Famolare Jr: Running shoe. Famolare, Mandeville and Schweitzer, March 31, 1981: US04258480 (162 worldwide citation)

Disclosed herein is a new and improved running shoe in which the structure and anatomy of the shoe, including the upper and the thermoplastic rubber unit bottom to which it is secured is balanced and synchronized with the complex action of the wearer's foot in order to tend to optimize the functioni ...

Robert J Fahey, Robert A Norbedo, J Edward Schlener: Apparatus for monitoring and signalling system. GTE Products Corporation, GTE Laboratories Incorporated, Peter Xiarhos, March 31, 1981: US04259548 (146 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for a monitoring and signalling system such as a home health care system. The system includes a remote control unit in the residence of an individual and interconnected with a centralized communications center by a telephone network. A plurality of sensors located within the residence of t ...


James J McGonigal: Electromagnetic reciprocating linear actuator with permanent magnet armature. Magnetic Laboratories, Sughrue Rothwell Mion Zinn and Macpeak, March 31, 1981: US04259653 (127 worldwide citation)

A spring-less linear actuator, especially useful as a print wire drive. A permanent magnet armature is driven from a rest position on a pole piece by magnetic repulsion upon energization of a solenoid by a D.C. pulse. The armature is fixed to a print wire which rebounds from a printing medium, there ...

Stephen C Wardlaw: Automatic disposable hypodermic syringe. William W Jones, March 31, 1981: US04258713 (124 worldwide citation)

An improved automatic disposable hypodermic syringe having a retracted needle which is driven by a spring to administer an injection. The needle is contained in a housing and is driven from the housing to administer the injection. An external release mechanism is provided so that the syringe can be ...