Internal combustion engine cycles. Larson A, March 25, 1981: GB2057052-A (66 worldwide citation)

In an internal combustion engine a charge chamber communicates with the combustion chamber via a valve which opens and closes at predetermined stages in the engine operating cycle. Between the conventional intake and compression stages of the cycle, there is an additional compression stage in which ...

Motor vehicle speed control holding devices. Heinrich D, March 25, 1981: GB2057053-A (63 worldwide citation)

The speed control system of a motor vehicle has an electromagnet 1 or an armature 32 fixed to a part of the system so that the system can be fixed in a desired condition. A flexible cable 4 forming part of a speed control linkage may be fixed to the armature pulley 2. In operation, the pulley 2 turn ...


Turbulence device for engine mixture. Spackman F, March 25, 1981: GB2057051-A (62 worldwide citation)

A plate to be mounted between a carburettor and a manifold to produce mixture turbulence has a ring of blades at an angle between 40 and 60 DEG to the face of the plate.

Pounder Robert Corner: Fluid temperature control.. Pounder Robert Corner, March 25, 1981: EP0025655-A1 (53 worldwide citation)

Apparatus, for controlling the temperature of a fluid for calibrating or testing equipment, comprises a heat exchanger (10) for connection to the equipment and through which the fluid will pass to the equipment and means (15-20) for sensing the temperature of the fluid and controlling application of ...

Trieselt Wolfgang Dr, Perner Johannes Dr, Hettche Albert Dr, Denzinger Walter, Ley Gregor Dr, Hartmann Heinrich Dr: (meth)Acrylic acid and maleic acid copolymers as incrustation inhibitors in detergents.. BASF, March 25, 1981: EP0025551-A1 (26 worldwide citation)

1. Use of copolymers which, based on the weight of the polymers, contain 40 to 90% of acrylic or methacrylic acid and 60 to 10% of maleic acid as copolymerized units, or of their alkali metal or ammonium salts as incrustation inhibitors in detergents.

Takagi Takashi, Matsuo Toshiyasu: Gamma-globulin preparation for intravenous administration, process for production thereof and process for preparation of gamma-globulin of low anticomplementary activity.. Morishita Pharma, March 25, 1981: EP0025719-A2 (25 worldwide citation)

Conventional techniques of purifying gamma-globulin from human blood suffer from a variety of disadvantages, not least being problems associated with the removal of impurities of high anticomplementary activity. A gamma-globulin of an anticomplementary activity of lower than 20% (C min H50 value) in ...

Plastics socket pipe part and method of manufacturing same. Wavin, March 25, 1981: GB1587018-A (25 worldwide citation)

This plastic tube (1) has two expansions (2, 3) in the form of steps. A third expansion (5) is formed via an oblique wall part (4). The end region (6) is bent inwards, with the insertion of a head part (9) of a sealing device which consists of a head part (9) and of a sealing sleeve (10), in such a ...

Rambach Alain: Chromogenic chemical substrates for identification of microbial colonies.. Rambach Alain, Technogram Soc, March 25, 1981: EP0025467-A1 (24 worldwide citation)

Chromogenic substrate member for identifying Escherichia coil bacteria. It comprises a growing medium for said bacteria and container means (1) for the growing medium (4) and a liquid sample to be tested. The container means also contains a chromogenic reagent compound consisting in 8-hydroxyquinoli ...

Kobayashi Kyoji, Kosaka Takaichi, Takahara Sigeki, Tamura Akira: A cooling system.. Fujitsu, Fuji Kaden, March 25, 1981: EP0025665-A1 (21 worldwide citation)

Air conditioning apparatus (3) has a compressor (6), a condensor (7), an evaporator (8), an expansion valve (9), a blower (10) and a pump (11). Cooling water from outdoor cooling tower 4 is passed to the condensor (7). Air circulating in computer room (1) passes evaporator (8) of the air conditionin ...