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A device monitoring and recording system is described which is particularly applicable to on-board vehicle monitoring and recording of operating engine parameters. The system comprises a plurality of sensors for sensing operating parameters of the engine and for generating data signals in response t ...

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A radiation image recorded in a stimulable phosphor sheet or plate is visualized by stimulating the phosphor with stimulating rays. Being stimulated by the stimulating rays, the phosphor emits detectable light. The emitted light is detected by a photodetector. The wavelength of the stimulating rays ...

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An element for the analysis or transport of liquid, especially aqueous liquids, contains a structure comprising a plurality of heat-stable, organo-polymeric particles non-swellable in and impermeable to the liquid, and an adhesive concentrated at particle surface areas contiguous to adjacent particl ...

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A passive electro-optical collision avoidance system disposed within a moving vehicle for generating a collision avoidance signal. The system comprises a lens, image sensor and image processor wherein the image processor generates a collision avoidance signal in response to the size of the image and ...

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Apparatus for television audience analysis comprising means for monitoring a television receiver, means responsive to a monitored signal for storing information representative of channel identification and of the time at which a channel is selected and at which the selection of a channel is terminat ...

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The subject of the invention is a device for surgical treatment of spinal curvatures, especially of scoliotic and kyphotic curvatures.

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An apparatus and method are provided for transmitting video data over telephone lines. The apparatus is particularly applicable for transmitting and receiving images of persons speaking to each other. In one form, a portable self-contained unit is provided at each end of a conventional telephone cir ...

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A semiconductor chip lead frame may have universal application for mounting any of many different chip sizes. More particularly, an island for supporting the chip has a plurality of recesses at its peripheral side portions, opposed to the intervals between leads. By changing the depth of these reces ...

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A fuser member, fuser assembly and method of fusing or fixing thermoplastic resin powder images to a substrate in a fuser assembly of the type wherein a polymeric release agent having functional groups is applied to the surface of the fuser member is disclosed. The fuser member comprises a base memb ...

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A surgical drill guide tool adapted to be temporarily mounted about a distal portion of the femur for drilling a bony tunnel through a portion of the femur, in a precise manner. The surgical tool allows very efficient location of the drill exit within the intercondylar notch, and exact drill exit lo ...