Flower transporting container. Illovy D, March 18, 1981: GB2056410-A (250 worldwide citation)

A container (1) for transporting cut flowers comprises a tapering flexible bag formed of sheet plastics material and provided with handles (7). The bag is formed by folding a sheet of e.g. polythene about a fold line (2) and securing the overlying sheets together as by welds (3, 4). In use, a small ...



Holley John Ernest Foster: Apparatus for detecting luminescent reactions.. Dynatech, March 18, 1981: EP0025350-A2 (39 worldwide citation)

Apparatus is provided for detecting luminescence produced by chemical or biochemical reactions conducted in multi-well plates. It includes a plate support (9) for a multi-well plate (10) having a central opening (13) beneath the plate, a row of photo-detectors (14) disposed closely adjacent the bott ...


Cristofaro Rocco: Prefabricated modular panels for the construction of walls of cottages or of buildings in general.. Cristofaro Rocco, March 18, 1981: EP0025420-A1 (29 worldwide citation)

Prefabricated modular panels for the construction of wall of cottages or buildings comprising: panels (1), each comprising a box-like body made of plastic and so shaped so as to constitute the form to be left in place for the casting therein of a concrete mix the box-like tubular body including two ...

Hickey Robert F: Downflow bioreactor.. Ecolotrol, March 18, 1981: EP0025309-A1 (27 worldwide citation)

A biological treatment technique in which waste water or other liquid to be processed is conducted downwardly through a bed of carrier particles to which biological material is attached. In a system for carrying out this technique, the bed (13) is suspended within a vertical reactor (10) by the liqu ...

Magnetic measurement of position and/or speed of a piston. Bosch Robert, March 18, 1981: GB2056692-A (26 worldwide citation)

A plurality of alternately differing magnetic fields (6, 7) are provided in a piston rod 4 alternating in the direction of movement thereof, and magnetic- field dependent generators (8, 9) are disposed on a stationary part, such as the cylinder or a member which extends within a hollow piston rod Fi ...

Packaging processes and machinery for wrapping articles with stretch film. Reed International, March 18, 1981: GB2056401-A (26 worldwide citation)

In a process of wrapping a body (10) in stretch film (12) relative rotation between the body and the film is effected on two axes (20, 22) angularly disposed to each other. The body being wrapped may be rotated about both axes or it may be given a single degree of rotation about one axis whilst the ...

Implant device. Bentley Lab, March 18, 1981: GB2056282-A (24 worldwide citation)

An implant device 1 which may be permanently implanted into a patient's skin for providing communication from an internal vessel to the exterior surface of the patient's skin, comprises a passageway having a flange means (not shown) at one end, for attachment to an internal vessel (e.g. blood vessel ...