Shaw Seth Thomas Jr: Medicated intrauterine devices.. Shaw Seth Thomas Jr, March 11, 1981: EP0024781-A1 (53 worldwide citation)

A medicated intrauterine device insertable in and retained in the uterus for a predetermined time period and having a drug with a controlled release rate and said drug comprising an amidine such as an aromatic monoamidine, an aromatic diamidine, a non-aromatic diamidine, a guanidine such as an aroma ...

Shaw Seth Thomas Jr: Medicated intrauterine devices.. Shaw Seth Thomas Jr, March 11, 1981: EP0024780-A1 (51 worldwide citation)

An intrauterine device for the type having an external surface contacting the walls of the uterus after insertion therein, and said device having first walls defining a fluid receiving cavity in at least a portion thereof. A concentrated fluid solution of a drug is present in the cavity and the drug ...

Coggiola Marcel Eugene, Ribassin Patrick Guy Georges, Gallardo Manuel Antoine Raymon, Meyer Jean, Bertin Alain Jean Luc: Security device for a food processing apparatus.. Robot Coupe, March 11, 1981: EP0024992-A1 (40 worldwide citation)

1. A device for safe assembly of apparatus for preparing food, the apparatus being of the type comprising a base (1) including an electric motor (2) whose shaft projects from the base (1), different tools (4) being mountable on said shaft inside a bowl (3) which is removably fixed to the base (1), t ...

Keister Bernard: Fatigue resistant high pressure hose.. Eaton, March 11, 1981: EP0024512-A1 (38 worldwide citation)

The hose (14) has a core tube (1) and an outer protective sheath (7). Disposed between the core tube and the sheath (7) is a plurality of layers (2 to 6) of reinforcement of which at least two of the layers comprise synthetic fibers having a tenacity of from about 12 to about 25 grams per denier and ...



Schulman Bernard L: A method for producing a methane-lean synthesis gas from petroleum coke.. Tosco, March 11, 1981: EP0024792-A2 (35 worldwide citation)

A methane-lean synthesis gas is produced from the steam gasification of petroleum coke in a fiuidized bed at temperatures of between 650 and 790 DEG C and pressures of between 1.75 and 14 kg/cm using a potassium or sodium salt to catalyze the steam-gasififation reaction. The synthesis gas produced c ...