Edward E Aslan: Implantable temperature probe. The Narda Microwave Corporation, James A Eisenman, Robert R Strack, March 3, 1981: US04253469 (347 worldwide citation)

A temperature probe that does not perturb incident electromagnetic fields which includes a high resistance thermocouple mounted within a rigid needle structure. Special leads connect the thermocouple to appropriate metering means to register the temperature sensed by the thermocouple.

Richard L Columbus: Structural configuration for transport of a liquid drop through an ingress aperture. Eastman Kodak Company, Dana M Schmidt, March 3, 1981: US04254083 (208 worldwide citation)

A device is disclosed that includes an ingress aperture which provides improved transport of a drop of liquid, from an exterior surface of the device to the device interior. Means are provided at the intersection of the aperture sidewall and the exterior surface for urging a drop deposited thereon t ...

Arthur A Mouyard, Michael V Hamby, Paul A Tomaszek: Alpha-numeric display array and method of manufacture. General Instrument Corporation, Mason Kolehmainen Rathburn & Wyss, March 3, 1981: US04254453 (201 worldwide citation)

An alpha-numeric array is provided for the selective display of characters as controlled by associated character generator programming circuitry. The display array in one character format utilizes a 5.times.7 matrix array of individually operable illumination sources, LED solid state lamps for examp ...

Anton Banko: Surgical method and apparatus for implants for the eye. Surgical Design Corporation, Darby & Darby, March 3, 1981: US04253199 (161 worldwide citation)

A method of removing a lens from the eye of a human and replacing said lens by an implant of deformable material to serve as a replacement lens in which the implant is attached to the ciliary body of the eye to be deformed thereby. Various forms of implants and implant capsules are also described.

George O Schroeder: Multi-layer barrier film. American Can Company, Robert P Auber, Stuart S Bowie, James W Bock, March 3, 1981: US04254169 (156 worldwide citation)

A delamination resistant multi-layer film comprises a core layer of vinyl alcohol polymers or copolymers such as polyvinyl alcohol or ethylene vinyl alcohol. Adhered to the core layer are one or more layers of a polyolefin blended with a chemically modified polyolefin having functional groups added ...

John H Maples: Pipe connection. Whiting Oilfield Rental, Murray Robinson, Ned L Conley, David A Rose, March 3, 1981: US04253687 (141 worldwide citation)

Pipe connection comprising "Hydril" type pin and box connectors with an annular groove formed in the pin connector at the juncture of the inner cylindrical land and the inner tapered seating surface and a seal ring of preferably circular cross section, e.g. an O-ring, disposed in the groove sealing ...

Donna C Coles, Jerry P Honstein: Orthodontic appliance. Gausewitz Carr Rothenberg & Edwards, March 3, 1981: US04253828 (137 worldwide citation)

This invention provides an orthodontic appliance of generally U-shaped configuration conforming to the natural arch of the patient, having a flexible outer portion adapted to overlie portions of the facial surfaces on the teeth of a row of teeth, an inner portion of greater rigidity than the outer p ...

William Baker III: Variable wear pad for crossflow drag bit. Smith International, Robert G Upton, March 3, 1981: US04253533 (120 worldwide citation)

A diamond studded insert drag bit is disclosed having a multiplicity of individual diamond insert cutter blanks inserted in the face of the bit. The diamond insert blanks are so positioned to maximize penetration of the bit in a borehole. The bit further includes one or more wear pads adjacent the m ...

Edward J Arkans, Larry D Annis, Norbert W Ellmann: Compression device with connection system. The Kendall Company, Powell L Sprunger, March 3, 1981: US04253449 (116 worldwide citation)

A device for applying compressive pressures against a patient's limb from a source of pressurized fluid. The device has a pair of elongated pressure sleeves for enclosing a length of the patient's limbs, with the sleeves having a plurality of fluid pressure chambers. The device has a conduit system ...

Leon N Cooper, Charles Elbaum: Information processing system using threshold passive modification. Nestor Associates, Karl F Milde Jr, March 3, 1981: US04254474 (114 worldwide citation)

An adaptive information processing system includes input terminals adapted to receive N input signals s.sub.1, s.sub.2, . . . s.sub.N representing an "input"; output terminals adapted to present n output responses r.sub.1, R.sub.2, . . . r.sub.n representing a "response"; and information processing ...