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A method of recovering petroleum from an underground reservoir by employing an in-situ combustion at a pressure of at least 120 bar by the simultaneous injection of oxygen and water whereby the temperature is controlled in the range of 450.degree.-550.degree. C.

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A data access system comprises a plurality of intelligent terminals capable of selectively receiving data from a data bank by means of barge-in telephone lines. Each terminal includes a basic terminal into which application modules and device control modules may be plugged. The application modules c ...

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A hardware virtualizer establishes correspondence between the real process names of the processes executing on a general purpose host computer and the virtual resource names of virtual resources simulated within a plurality of reserved areas of memory of the host computer as duplicates of the real r ...

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A high security subscription television system which includes the feature of dynamic scrambling and descrambling of cable-connected television signals in response to real-time coded control signals. The system also has the ability to precisely tune the frequency converter unit at the subscriber's si ...

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A gas turbine engine comprising a fan, a compressor and a turbine, wherein the torque requirements of the fan or compressor can be modulated, is provided with differential gearing to transmit all of the fan and compressor power requirements from the turbine. The differential gearing maintains an adj ...

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A tropospheric scatter radio communication system uses a multiple signal diversity system in order to improve reliability of reception. A dual time diversity is used in which adjacent bits in a digital word are interleaved with bits from adjacent digital words so that more than one bit from a partic ...

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A posterior chamber capsular lens implant and apparatus for implantation of the lens are utilized in a surgical method following a capsulectomy to remove a cataract impaired natural lens. The lens implant has a plane surface and a convex surface. The entire lens is fitted within the capsule of the p ...

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The disclosure describes a process and a device for the identification of a person. The invention is based on the use of fingerprints. The master fingerprints appear on a card such as a credit card. When a person wants to be identified, his fingerprint is taken on a fingerprint card by means of a sp ...