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Laser light reflected from a bar code symbol pattern is detected by a photodetector mounted in a portable scanning head of a laser scanning system. By selecting appropriate threshold values on the analog signal generated by the photodetector, the analog signal is converted to a series of pulses, eac ...

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An integrated in situ combustion process for producing subterranean carbonaceous deposits in which the resulting flue gas of low heating value is combusted over an oxidation catalyst at substoichiometric conditions and is expanded in a gas turbine which drives the air compressor for injecting the co ...

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A stabilizing fitting for securely holding an intravenous catheter to a patient's skin at a venipuncture site comprises a laminar base member with an adhesive lower surface and a catheter hub retaining cradle on its upper surface. After insertion of the catheter into a vein and connection to an infu ...

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A liquid jet recording method, which includes controlling thermal energy quantity to be generated by driving predetermined numbers of heat generating bodies selected in accordance with recording information from a plurality of heat generating bodies which disposed along a flow path in a liquid chamb ...

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A drainage device for attachment to a portion of the skin of an individual is provided. The device comprises a flange which sealingly engages the skin and has an opening therein to overlie a wound in the skin tissue. A ring member having a channel formed therein is mounted on a side of the flange op ...

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A document processor for transporting documents through a path, detecting flaws thereon by electronically scanning each side of the document, printing selectable indicia only on unflawed documents, and sorting and storing separately the flawed and unflawed documents. The electronically scanned infor ...

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A bioelectrode for non-invasive and inotophoretic delivery of chemical species (such as ions, polar molecules, etc.) into the skin of a person. The bioelectrode includes a pouch having flexible walls, at least a portion of which is composed of a microporous, permeable or semipermeable membrane. The ...

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An electronic solid state system is provided for starting and operating one or more fluorescent lamps, and which supplies power to the lamps at a relatively high frequency, and at a relatively high power factor. The system includes a circuit which forces the line current to be proportional to the ap ...

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This invention relates to endoscopes comprising for inserting an implant liner into an opening through a stricture in the urethra.

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A center-to-end type information service system utilizing the public telephone networks that are fundamental communication media of nation-wide scale is disclosed in which desired information is requested from the terminal side to the center by means of a telephone set or simplified keyboard and the ...