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Bidirectional addressable repeaters of a power line carrier communication system each include an address recognition and a receive and transmit control logic circuit having programmable zone and address identifying states for connection in plural repeating levels defining branch paths linking a cent ...

Ruel C Terry: Generating electricity from coal in situ. In Situ Technology, February 10, 1981: US04250230 (266 worldwide citation)

The system of the invention comprises a two well system of gasifying coal in situ wherein the generated gas stream is directed to a gas separator, which, in turn separates hydrogen and carbon monoxide into separate streams. Hydrogen is directed to one type of fuel cell and carbon dioxide is directed ...

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A universal series motor having its brushes shifted at an angle against the direction of rotation is provided with a braking arrangement which removes power from the field windings and applies power directly to the armature winding.

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A locking device is disclosed, which comprises a hollow cylindrical body having a plurality of annularly disposed independent gripping pieces projected from one end thereof and a clamping pipe threadably engageable about the outer periphery of the cylindrical body about its side of the gripping piec ...


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Disclosed is a semiconductor memory device using semiconductor memory elements as memory cells. Each semiconductor memory element is provided with a semiconductor region having a particular conductivity type, a source region and a drain region both having opposite conductivity type and both being lo ...

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A video signal dropout compensator stores information from at least one incoming television line which is represented by a plurality of samples of combined liminance and chrominance signal components. The samples occur at a rate equal to four times the chrominance subcarrier frequency. When a signal ...

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The specification discloses a dental syringe with a tubular handle adapted to pre-heat water before it is delivered through the syringe tip into a patient's mouth. Water and air supply hoses are connected to the handle, and electric heater and thermostat elements are mounted within the handle for ma ...

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A device for the controlled continuous administration of an active agent to an environment of use is disclosed. The device comprises a body of erodible agent release rate controlling material containing an agent dispersed therethrough; the rate controlling material is a hydrophobic poly(carboxylic a ...

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An automatic money handling device for receiving bills and coins and for dispensing bills and coins as change. The device has a storage reel, first and second bill belts extending from a first and supply reels around a first and second entrance rollers at an opening to the housing then to the storag ...