Andrew Herczog, James A Murphy: Surgical cutting instrument. Corning Glass Works, John P DeLuca, Burton R Turner, February 3, 1981: US04248231 (255 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a surgical cutting instrument having a blade portion and cutting edge therefor with electric input elements located near the cutting edge for cutting the tissue and cauterizing the surfaces of the incision, thereby allowing surgery to be more rapidly performed. This is ...

James W Jones: Double venous cannula. Keaty Keaty & Garvey, February 3, 1981: US04248224 (231 worldwide citation)

A venous cannula apparatus is comprised of a fluid conveying tube, the tube providing an upper tube portion which communicates with a pair of lower connected tube branch members. Each of the lower tube branches is normally in an angular position with respect to the upper tube, thus allowing the tube ...

Takaaki Baba, Teruo Kitani, Masao Nakazawa, Hirokazu Yoshino, Tatsuo Fujita, Eiichi Tsuboka: Composite image display apparatus. Matsushita Electric Industrial, Wenderoth Lind & Ponack, February 3, 1981: US04249211 (192 worldwide citation)

An image display apparatus has an: image signal receiver for simultaneously receiving two different image signals, a first image signal and a second image signal; a memory for writing therein the second image signal; controlling means for controlling the writing position, writing frequency, writing ...

Graham R Chilvers: Vehicle mounted light activated control system. Cushman Darby & Cushman, February 3, 1981: US04249160 (166 worldwide citation)

A light activated control system, particularly for operating warning lights on a vehicle parked at night. The system includes a light sensor mounted on the vehicle and a comparator which triggers a time delay threshold device which switches on the warning lights for a predetermined period of about t ...

John W Lewis: Dental syringe with quick disconnect tip. A DEC, Klarquist Sparkman Campbell Leigh Hall & Whinston, February 3, 1981: US04248589 (142 worldwide citation)

The specification discloses a dental syringe having a head, a tip and a releasable coupling mounted on the head. The head and tip have a corresponding number of fluid passages therethrough. The coupling includes a cylindrical base and a lock nut which screws over the base. The base and the lock nut ...

Jill L Leukhardt, David A Saar: Anti-kickback power tool control. Black and Decker, Leonard Bloom, Edward D Murphy, Harold Weinstein, February 3, 1981: US04249117 (140 worldwide citation)

An impending kickback condition in the operation of a power tool or machine tool system is sensed and used to control or eliminate the kickback. The ability to sense an impending kickback condition can be used in all categories of power driven tools. The change in force applied to the power driven t ...

Philip T S Lau: Photographic emulsions, elements and processes utilizing release compounds. Eastman Kodak Company, Joshua G Levitt, February 3, 1981: US04248962 (139 worldwide citation)

Photographic couplers which release a photographically useful group by an intramolecular nucleophilic displacement reaction can be used in photographic emulsions, elements and processes to provide a photographically useful group in a controlled manner.

John Kenny: Cardiac pacemakers. Needle, Alexis Barron, February 3, 1981: US04248237 (131 worldwide citation)

A case for an implantation in a human or animal body. The case comprises a rigid plastics substrate which defines a chamber and a platinum skin arranged to overlie the substrate, the skin being formed in two or more pieces welded together--for instance by electron beam welding--to form a hermeticall ...

Robert J Trimbee: Packaging for florist arrangements. February 3, 1981: US04248347 (130 worldwide citation)

A safety packaging for floral arrangement comprises a platform for engagement with a container, a support rod for embedding in a floral arrangement and extending above such arrangement, a plastic bag for receiving platform with arrangement, the bag being closed about the upper portion of the support ...

Richard E Hannah, Robert S Kish: Illuminated urethral catheter. Robert S Kish, Thomas Hooker, February 3, 1981: US04248214 (127 worldwide citation)

A urethral catheter includes a flexible transparent catheter tube, a drainage adapter having a major aperature secured to the proximal end of the catheter tube, a minor aperature axially aligned with the major aperature and a drainage funnel located between the aperatures and a fiber optic member ha ...