Daniel Berson: Inflatable gastric device for treating obesity. Kenyon & Kenyon, January 27, 1981: US04246893 (309 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for treating extreme obesity comprising means for compressing the stomach and reducing its capacity and procedures employing said apparatus.

Giovanni Berti, William I White, Rodric H White Stevens: Test means and method for interference resistant determination of oxidizing substances. Miles Laboratories, Charles J Herron, January 27, 1981: US04247297 (251 worldwide citation)

Test means, such as a composition or device, method of making a test device and process for determination of at least one oxidizing substance, such as a peroxide, are disclosed. More particularly, the contemplated test means comprises a hydrazone and 8-amino-1-napthol-5,7-disulfonic acid (Chicago ac ...

Anthony J Castro: Methods for making microporous products. Akzona Incorporated, Francis W Young, Robert F Green, January 27, 1981: US04247498 (248 worldwide citation)

Novel microporous polymers in forms ranging from films to blocks and intricate shapes from synthetic thermoplastic polymers, such as, olefinic, condensation, and oxidation polymers, are disclosed. In one embodiment the microporous polymers are characterized by a relatively homogeneous, three-dimensi ...

Henk W Wevers: Artificial ligament. Queen s University at Kingston, Richard J Hicks, Stanley E Johnson, January 27, 1981: US04246660 (213 worldwide citation)

A prosthetic ligament device comprising an elastic element securable to the underlying bone structure by means of a quick release bayonet-type fitting which permits rotational movement during engagement at one end and a length adjusting means at the other end thereof. The elastic element comprises a ...

Nora Yuris, Eugene J Cekander, Masaru Kazaoka, Jim P Chuang: Self-service passenger ticketing system. Cubic Western Data, Brown & Martin, January 27, 1981: US04247759 (210 worldwide citation)

A system is disclosed for issuing airline tickets without the intervention of any ticket agent. The system includes a plurality of electro-mechanical ticket terminals in communication with a central computer. Each of the terminals has a card reader, a modem, destination select buttons, and a printer ...

Ross F Housholder: Molding process. Hico Western Products Co, Arthur F Zobal, January 27, 1981: US04247508 (209 worldwide citation)

A molding process for forming a three-dimensional article in layers. In one embodiment, a matrix comprising a planar grid-like member having a plurality of openings formed therethrough is employed. In an initial layer, casting material and mold material are deposited in selected openings to form a p ...

Miguel Martinez: Surgical cutting instrument. Robert H Epstein, January 27, 1981: US04246902 (209 worldwide citation)

A surgical cutting instrument, particularly useful for ophthalmic surgery, includes an elongate probe formed of an outer tubular member having an aperture in the distal end thereof and an inner cutting member having a peripheral cutting edge at the distal end thereof and an elongate body with an ope ...

Lorne G Gabel, Garry E Paulson, Thomas G Kirk: Highway premarking guidance system. Her Majesty the Queen in right of Canada represented by the Minister of Highways and Transportation, January 27, 1981: US04247870 (202 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for marking a line, such as the centerline, along a roadway, using a vehicle carrying paint marking apparatus, in which a pair of television cameras, one mounted on each side of the vehicle, view the edges of the roadway and project the images onto a split screen. By keeping t ...

Michael F Jeffers, Jacob Shekel, Charles L Dages, Joseph Glaab: System arrangement for distribution and use of video games. Jerrold Electronics Corporation, Hopgood Calimafde Kalil Blaustein & Lieberman, January 27, 1981: US04247106 (197 worldwide citation)

An improved system arrangement for distributing and permitting use of an ensemble of program controlled television games includes head end apparatus for impressing an array of game-regulating programs onto an electronic distribution system, e.g., by time division multiplexing into an assigned freque ...

Robert K Lockhart Jr, William J Macko, Robert H Bass, Craig S Wallace, Morris A Moore: Re-linked portable data terminal controller system. Motorola, Margaret Marsh Parker, James W Gillman, January 27, 1981: US04247908 (156 worldwide citation)

A two-way communications system for use with a host computer includes a control unit, a base station and multiple radio/data terminal units. The control unit interfaces directly with the computer but uses a radio link to the portable units. Voice and data signals can be transmitted and data between ...

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