Ronald Lloyd, Brian W Walter: Tearable composite strip of materials. T J Smith & Nephew, Louis E Marn, Elliot M Olstein, January 20, 1981: US04245630 (466 worldwide citation)

A composite strip material comprising at least a backing layer, an adhesive layer on a surface thereof, and a removable protective layer over and contacting and peelably adherent to at least part of the adhesive layer; wherein each layer is finger-tearable and wherein at least one layer is cleanly f ...

Anthony M Albisser, Bernard S Leibel: Artificial beta cell. Hospital for Sick Children, Hirons Rogers & Scott, January 20, 1981: US04245634 (392 worldwide citation)

An artificial beta cell regulates blood glucose concentration in a subject by continuously analyzing blood from the patient and deriving a computer output signal to drive a pump which infuses insulin at a rate corresponding to the signal. A value of blood glucose concentration from the analyzed bloo ...

David P Chandler: Switch apparatus. Mattel, John G Mesaros, Max E Shirk, Ronald M Goldman, January 20, 1981: US04246452 (259 worldwide citation)

A switch apparatus having first and second surfaces with conductive pattern segments thereon in proximate spaced overlying relation, each of the patterns being generally identical and having a circular array of alternating solid and interleaved conductive portion, one pattern being movable toward th ...

Clarence C Dannelly: Seed coatings. Eastman Kodak Company, John F Stevens, Daniel B Reece III, January 20, 1981: US04245432 (193 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are plant seed coating compositions comprising water insoluble but water sensitive polyelectrolyte complexes. The polyelectrolyte complexes, which are formed by combining an acidic polymer with a basic polymer, provide protection for the seeds and may be used as a carrier for materials suc ...

Osamu Komiya: Endoscope with flexible tip control. Olympus Optical, January 20, 1981: US04245624 (192 worldwide citation)

An endoscope has a control section and a tube section connected to the control section to be conducted into the body cavity, wherein a channel running through the tube section contains a guide tube which is made flexible along the entire length or near the distal end portion, and reciprocates throug ...

Francis X Cole, James H Edwards, Clifford L Hendrick, Deborah M VanVoorhis: Test device. Millipore Corporation, Kenneth D Hudson, January 20, 1981: US04246339 (184 worldwide citation)

A test device for assaying liquid samples for the presence of a predetermined reagent is described. The device comprises telescoping top and bottom members defining a liquid reservoir therebetween, resilient means for biasing the members in the open position, one or more test wells in the top member ...

Clarence C McCorsley III: Process for shaped cellulose article prepared from a solution containing cellulose dissolved in a tertiary amine N-oxide solvent. Akzona Incorporated, Francis W Young, Jack H Hall, January 20, 1981: US04246221 (169 worldwide citation)

A solution containing cellulose dissolved in a tertiary amine N-oxide solvent containing a nonsolvent for cellulose such as water is shaped by extrusion or other shaping process to form a shaped cellulose fiber, rod, plate, tubing or film. The extruded shaped article is stretched in air while still ...

Richard M Kopchik: Imidized acrylic polymers. Rohm and Haas Company, Michael B Fein, January 20, 1981: US04246374 (140 worldwide citation)

Polymers containing imide units and a process of imidizing acrylic polymers to any desired degree of imidization without the use of added water or solvent.

Anthony R Noerpel: Hybrid mode waveguide or feedhorn antenna. Bell Telephone Laboratories Incorporated, Erwin W Pfeifle, January 20, 1981: US04246584 (127 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a hybrid mode waveguide or feedhorn antenna for transforming the TE.sub.11 mode into the HE.sub.11 mode. The waveguide or antenna comprises a first waveguide section of uniform cross-section at the TE.sub.11 mode entrance port which in the antenna arrangement changes ...

Daniel Bouteille, Michel Duclos, Hugues Marguet, Michel Nicolas, Eric Petrimaux: Pneumatic logic circuit. La Telemechanique Electrique, William A Drucker, January 20, 1981: US04245673 (127 worldwide citation)

A sequencing logic circuit comprises a blocking means for preventing phase jumps caused by the untimely presence of a release signal. An inhibitor device is placed on one of the channels feeding a storage relay, placed upstream of said release signal, in such a manner as to prevent the transmission ...

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