Ronald Lloyd, Brian W Walter: Tearable composite strip of materials. T J Smith & Nephew, Louis E Marn, Elliot M Olstein, January 20, 1981: US04245630 (455 worldwide citation)

A composite strip material comprising at least a backing layer, an adhesive layer on a surface thereof, and a removable protective layer over and contacting and peelably adherent to at least part of the adhesive layer; wherein each layer is finger-tearable and wherein at least one layer is cleanly f ...

Anthony M Albisser, Bernard S Leibel: Artificial beta cell. Hospital for Sick Children, Hirons Rogers & Scott, January 20, 1981: US04245634 (388 worldwide citation)

An artificial beta cell regulates blood glucose concentration in a subject by continuously analyzing blood from the patient and deriving a computer output signal to drive a pump which infuses insulin at a rate corresponding to the signal. A value of blood glucose concentration from the analyzed bloo ...

David P Chandler: Switch apparatus. Mattel, John G Mesaros, Max E Shirk, Ronald M Goldman, January 20, 1981: US04246452 (256 worldwide citation)

A switch apparatus having first and second surfaces with conductive pattern segments thereon in proximate spaced overlying relation, each of the patterns being generally identical and having a circular array of alternating solid and interleaved conductive portion, one pattern being movable toward th ...

Clarence C Dannelly: Seed coatings. Eastman Kodak Company, John F Stevens, Daniel B Reece III, January 20, 1981: US04245432 (192 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are plant seed coating compositions comprising water insoluble but water sensitive polyelectrolyte complexes. The polyelectrolyte complexes, which are formed by combining an acidic polymer with a basic polymer, provide protection for the seeds and may be used as a carrier for materials suc ...

Osamu Komiya: Endoscope with flexible tip control. Olympus Optical, January 20, 1981: US04245624 (191 worldwide citation)

An endoscope has a control section and a tube section connected to the control section to be conducted into the body cavity, wherein a channel running through the tube section contains a guide tube which is made flexible along the entire length or near the distal end portion, and reciprocates throug ...

Francis X Cole, James H Edwards, Clifford L Hendrick, Deborah M VanVoorhis: Test device. Millipore Corporation, Kenneth D Hudson, January 20, 1981: US04246339 (183 worldwide citation)

A test device for assaying liquid samples for the presence of a predetermined reagent is described. The device comprises telescoping top and bottom members defining a liquid reservoir therebetween, resilient means for biasing the members in the open position, one or more test wells in the top member ...

Clarence C McCorsley III: Process for shaped cellulose article prepared from a solution containing cellulose dissolved in a tertiary amine N-oxide solvent. Akzona Incorporated, Francis W Young, Jack H Hall, January 20, 1981: US04246221 (169 worldwide citation)

A solution containing cellulose dissolved in a tertiary amine N-oxide solvent containing a nonsolvent for cellulose such as water is shaped by extrusion or other shaping process to form a shaped cellulose fiber, rod, plate, tubing or film. The extruded shaped article is stretched in air while still ...

Richard M Kopchik: Imidized acrylic polymers. Rohm and Haas Company, Michael B Fein, January 20, 1981: US04246374 (140 worldwide citation)

Polymers containing imide units and a process of imidizing acrylic polymers to any desired degree of imidization without the use of added water or solvent.

Daniel Bouteille, Michel Duclos, Hugues Marguet, Michel Nicolas, Eric Petrimaux: Pneumatic logic circuit. La Telemechanique Electrique, William A Drucker, January 20, 1981: US04245673 (127 worldwide citation)

A sequencing logic circuit comprises a blocking means for preventing phase jumps caused by the untimely presence of a release signal. An inhibitor device is placed on one of the channels feeding a storage relay, placed upstream of said release signal, in such a manner as to prevent the transmission ...

Eugene J Van Scott, Ruey J Yu: Additives enhancing topical corticosteroid action. LeBlanc Nolan Shur & Nies, January 20, 1981: US04246261 (126 worldwide citation)

Composition and method for enhancing therapeutic effects of corticosteroids to alleviate the symptoms of inflammation and exfoliation such as psoriasis, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis and other inflammatory skin conditions consisting of a solution, cream, lotion, ointment or gel containing as two act ...

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