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The instrument comprises a supporting part and a staple-receiving part connected pivotally to each other, their working ends carrying opposing longitudinal jaws. The longitudinal jaw of said staple-receiving part accommodates staple magazines. Made in said staple magazines in opposition to the stapl ...

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A processing system is disclosed in which transfers between processors and memory are made on dual redundant buses. In a transfer, the transmitting unit sends the same information simultaneously on each of the buses. The receiving unit makes parity checks on each bus, and compares the information re ...

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A package for mounting, interconnecting, and cooling a large number of integrated circuit semiconductor devices having a sintered multilayer ceramic substrate provided with an internal metallurgy network made up of voltage planes, X and Y signal planes, and fan-out planes, with I/O pins on the botto ...

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An intraocular lens includes a lens body and a plurality of lens-centering filaments extending outwardly in a common plane from spaced rim portions of the lens body. The lens is particularly adapted for implantation in the eye posterior chamber after extracapsular cataract extraction. When the filam ...

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The tool comprises a hollow barrel having an obturator slidably mounted therein and having a rounded forward end. A locating device is attached to the barrel to stabilize the obturator in the plurality of predetermined positions as it is moved along the bore of the barrel. A needle having suture mat ...

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A system for supporting a plurality of conduits above another in parallel, spaced-apart relationship including a base unit for supporting the bottom conduit, the base unit comprising a base and a U-shaped member having an open end for receiving the bottom conduit and supporting same, and an intermed ...

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A frequency converter, incorporating a subharmonic mixer and a YIG tuned local oscillator filter in an integrated circuit configuration, provides improved conversion efficiency and ease of fabrication.