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A method for underground gasification of coal or brown coal, in which a substantially uniform gasification or combustion front is maintained by filling the cavity generated by gasification of coal with a filler so as to drive said front in an upward direction through the coal layer, the gases for ma ...

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A method is disclosed for forming a retroreflective sheeting having a plurality of retroreflective cube-corner prisms distributed over one of its surfaces such that the prisms are disposed in a planar array having a plurality of zones of prisms having differing angular orientations such that the zon ...

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An improved surgical device for applying a clip to a blood vessel or other body tissue, and including a novel clip stop for preventing rearward movement or displacement of the clip, is disclosed. The apparatus of the invention comprises an elongated plate-like or arm member that, in a preferred embo ...

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An easily cross linkable fluorine-containing polymer substantially comprising: (1) a polymeric chain comprising one or more polymer segments, of which at least one polymer segment consisting of units of vinylidene fluoride alone or of units of vinylidene fluoride and one or more of other fluoroolefi ...

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A digital computing system is disclosed having a monolithic microprocessor, a versatile input/output subsystem, a multi-medium memory subsystem, and a video display subsystem with audio generating capability. In the memory subsystem, a balanced mix of dynamic RAM, P-channel MOS ROM and N-channel MOS ...

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A procedure is disclosed employing the sequential addition of monomers to form a copolymer useful in the manufacture of surgical articles.

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A biopsy device for obtaining tissue specimens, particularly from endocervical canal. A cutting anvil, typically of a non-metallic material such as plastic, is carried at one end of an elongated shaft. An annular cutting blade, typically of a metallic material, on the end of a hollow shaft is telesc ...

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A cannula or catheter assembly has a cannula or catheter tube in a socket with a straight passageway. In order to equip such an assembly with a cheap and safe closure device which is easy to maneuvre without causing any movements injurious to the assembly, a connecting housing is fixedly or releasab ...

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A process for making film from a narrow molecular weight distribution low density ethylene hydrocarbon copolymer, which process comprises extruding said copolymer through a die gap of greater than about 50 mils. The film exhibits an excellent balance of optical and mechanical properties.

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A dynamic level shifter for photoelectric touch panels incorporating a plurality of photoelectric transducers periodically senses the ambient light level, immediately before the interval when each transducer can receive a pulse of radiant energy during normal operation of the panel. The output of th ...