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A laser is used to cut slots into a film deposited on a substrate so that a clean kerf is produced without harming the substrate. The laser cut vaporizes the film material as the removal mechanism and some of the vaporized material will redeposit over the surface of the film adjacent to the kerf. Wh ...

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A filter material by which substances contained in gaseous or liquid media can be removed comprises a product in the form of a matrix of activated carbon. The product has uniformly dispersed therein at least one metal taken from the group Ca, Mg, Ba, Al, Cu, and the transition metals and is obtained ...

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An improved optical cable (10) having increased bending flexibilitiy along with increased tensile strength comprises means for controlling coupling between a cable jacket (28) and its reinforcing strength members (26). In one embodiment, a reinforcement bedding layer (23) is applied between a plasti ...

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An athletic shoe for running and having a bar tread configuration providing improved traction with the running surface while cushioning the foot and providing improved flexibility so as not to limit the bending of the foot.

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A switch is placed on a bed, chair, or other object and is maintained in closed condition so long as a patient occupies the bed, chair, or other object and continues to exert sufficient weight on the switch. When the weight acting on the switch is relieved, the switch opens to cause an associated ci ...

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An integrated circuit test analysis apparatus for visually interpreting voltage changes of active circuit components uses the electro-optic display effect of circuit electric field upon the liquid crystal layer which is applied over the circuit being tested. The normal state duty cycles in a repeati ...


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An X-ray lithography system for the production of micro-electronic circuits, of the type comprising a mask having detailed circuit patterns thereon which are irradiated by soft X-rays onto a wafer covered with a photosensitive material to replicate the mask patterns, includes an X-ray source spaced ...

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A dust shroud for a portable circular saw is described comprising an upper blade housing, a lower blade housing, an external connecting link connecting the two and aligned with the saw blade, and flexible sealing means attached to the upper part of the lower blade housing. The thickness of the conne ...