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An enzyme electrode comprising an anode, a cathode, an immobilized enzyme membrane, and an electrolyte, which is characterized in that said membrane consists of a dense skin layer having selective hydrogen peroxide permeability and a porous layer wherein the enzyme is immobilized onto the porous lay ...

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A method for monitoring blood glucose levels at frequent intervals, which includes a method for equalizing the temperature and oxygen level in the blood and sensing the rate of oxygen consumption by the glucose contained in the blood in the presence of glucose oxidase enzyme immobilized on a hydroph ...

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A device for sealing an endoscope channel is provided in the operation section of an endoscope and comprises a hollow cylindrical member connected at one end to the proximal end of a channel disposed in the sheath of the endoscope and a tubular member of an elastic material disposed in the hollow cy ...

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New compositions for the treatment of keratin material, in particular human hair, skin and nails are provided comprising a combination of a cationic polymer with an anionic polymer. Surprisingly the anionic polymer can be retained well on the hair, even after rinsing, when applied with the cationic ...

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The disclosure is of a method for encapsulating biologically active materials in synthetic, oligolamellar lipid vesicles (liposomes). The method comprises providing a mixture of lipid in organic solvent and an aqueous mixture of the material for encapsulation, emulsifying the provided mixture, remov ...

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A thermodilution catheter having a proximal high frequency heating coil of fine wires, heat measuring thermocouples, and a distal resistance thermometer, all wound externally on a catheter for measuring arterial blood flow. The device also incorporates electrodes for electrocardiogram tracing.

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A lighting control system for the control of the intensity of a plurality of lights, such as in theatre and television lighting, operating entirely by digital means. A novel trigger pulse generating means provides a trigger pulse for each SCR-type dimmer the phase angle of which pulse is a function ...

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A slot machine device of substantially electronic construction including a changeable display provided by activatable matrices, a pseudo random number generator for producing stored information on demand in an apparently random manner, and a microprocessor connected between the number generator and ...

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A device and technique utilized in body fluid aspiration which minimizes the risk of complications that normally may result from accidental puncture of internal organs. The device includes a sharp-tipped fluid aspiration needle which features cushioning means, preferably in the form of an inflatable ...

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This invention relates to a method of obtaining information of a specified or target area of a living body near its skin surface by the application of a nuclear magnetic resonance phenomenon (NMR). This invention comprises a static magnetic field generator for generating a static magnetic field H.su ...