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Papermachine clothing, for instance, a loop of imprinting fabric, is disclosed which is so woven that a top-surface-plane thereof is defined by coplanar crossovers of filaments of at least two sets of filaments (i.e., warp and shute filaments) and so that sub-top-surface crossovers are distributed i ...

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A plurality of processors and memory modules arranged in a hierarchy are connected in a network such that memory sharing can occur during processor operations, and control means are provided so as to regulate protected usage of specific areas of the memory modules. A Global Memory Module (GMM) and a ...

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Channel shaped handles are foldable over plier jaws for compact carrying and storage. Auxiliary parallel jaws are operable by the main jaws when desired. Locking means are provided, operable with both sets of jaws to maintain a strong grip on an object when the handles are released. The handles also ...

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A compact liquid crystal display of the type wherein a pixel array formed of liquid crystal material is addressed by an associated array of MOSFET circuits, each circuit including a switching device and an overlying storage capacitor. A plurality of substantially parallel gate buses located orthogon ...

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A flexure-limiting tubular ball and socket universal joint device protectively supports and guides the inner or center cable of a coaxial push-pull cable assembly while providing a seal effective to exclude dirt and moisture in the variously deflected positions of the inner member and its load-conne ...

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A medical electrode for stimulation iontophoresis monitoring and grounding electrical contact application to the skin surface of humans and animals may be provided having an electrically conductive substrate for interfacing with the skin, an electrically conductive stranded material may be secured t ...

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A photopolymerizable composition comprising a polymerizable ethylenically unsaturated compound, optionally, a linear organic polymer, and a photopolymerization initiator comprising a combination of a compound represented by the general formula (I) ##STR1## wherein Z represents the non-metal atomic g ...

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A radiation image is recorded on a stimulable phosphor and the recorded image is reproduced by utilizing the stimulability of the phosphor. As the phosphor is used an alkaline earth metal fluorohalide phosphor having high stimulability represented by the formula

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A surgical retractor wherein a plurality of segments are strung together on a strand which may be tensioned; the segments are separated from each other by spacers also strung on the strand; the mating surfaces of the segments are concave and the intervening spacers are convex; tensioning of the stra ...

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A capsule for discharging drugs into a live body or collecting samples from the body comprises an external cylinder having slidably mounted therein an internal cylinder. The internal cylinder is retained by a meltable thread at one end of the external cylinder against the biasing force of a compress ...