Electromedical apparatus. Medtronic, November 19, 1980: GB1579690-A (128 worldwide citation)

L'invention concerne un détecteur de rythme cardiaque à usage individuel.


Electrical switch. Electronic Components, November 19, 1980: GB2046996-A (19 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to retractive push-button switches for use with computer terminals, data recovery systems and the like. In order to provide an operating travel which is rather greater than the amount of travel actually required to operate a snap action click plate (14), there is provided a co ...

Flood prevention panels. Bowen J R, November 19, 1980: GB2046819-A (19 worldwide citation)

A panel has rubber seal(s) and is secured by bolts with pressure adjusters. The panel is secured to the doorframe and instep by bolts, through holes drilled in the doorframe. Pressure is applied to the seals by means of the pressure adjusters which tightens the panel against the doorframe and instep ...

Rapid changeover printer. Biggar F M, November 19, 1980: GB2046664-A (17 worldwide citation)

A compound printer having print stations 200, die cutting stations 10, and other operations, such as perforating and punching, has structure for rapid changeover of the individual stations. Movable carriages 306, 310 on carriage bars 302, 304 and indexing mounts 316 allow rapid removal and installat ...

Digital storage and processing of picture signals. Micro Consultants, November 19, 1980: GB2047042-A (17 worldwide citation)

Video signals representing still pictures are sampled, digitised, and buffer stored. At the end of each frame, the stored signals are read out, at a slower speed, to a larger file store, from where each frame can be selectively retrieved, manipulated in size or position, restored in the buffer, and ...

Electronic coded locks. Pan Eng, Amcor, November 19, 1980: GB2046827-A (17 worldwide citation)

An electronic coded lock comprises a miniaturized transmitter for transmitting a digital code; a detector 12 for receiving the digital code; and a decoder and amplifier 14 coupled to the detector and operative to provide an enable signal, (e.g. to switch on an ignition coil 20), in response to recei ...

Tiles. Telling E F, November 19, 1980: GB2046808-A (17 worldwide citation)

An anti-capillary device is disclosed for use at the head lap of lion two overlapping tiles at either of two amounts of overlap. The upper tile 1 has at least one rib 8 on its lower surface at its lower edge and the lower tile 2 has at least two grooves 9 at its upper surface at its upper edge. A ni ...

Mechanically propelled boats. Kanzaki Kokyukoki Mfg, November 19, 1980: GB2046689-A (14 worldwide citation)

The whole propulsion mechanism of a boat including an engine 30 is assembled into a housing 37 which carries a propeller 31, thus forming a propulsion unit which may be manufactured and assembled independently of the boat. The housing 37 is received by a well 28 formed in the hull of the boat. The w ...