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Method and apparatus are provided for the tactical nagivation and communiion of a community of aircraft. Each of the aircraft in the community is provided with an inertial navigation system capable of providing accurate short term navigational information and a time synchronized ranging system capab ...

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A hollow article made of an oriented thermoplastic having improved resistance to lateral impact, and provided with a base composed, successively, of a peripheral arched profile, a substantially plane annular zone and a recessed central part in the shape of a dome, the diameter of the central part be ...

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The auto document feeder is for use with duplex copying machines, and is capable of inverting duplex sheet originals, having images on both surfaces, automatically and feeding the originals to an exposure station automatically. The feeder comprises trays for stacking a plurality of sheet originals t ...

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An object location system wherein signals are transmitted or received via more than one transmit station and wherein the objects receive signals from the transmit stations or transmit signals for reception by the treatment stations within a data base region and wherein location coordinates are estab ...

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A beach towel or the like for use with a pillow, and characterized by simplicity and economy of construction, and the use of elements substantially impervious to corrosion by salt and damage from sand. The beach towel comprises an elongate, substantially rectangular fabric piece defining opposing, l ...

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A high pressure diaphragm for use with an electroexpansive material utilizes a generally planar central member, a generally outer flange-engaging member, and an annular ring member, which can have a frusto-conical shape, having its outer edge flexibly connected to the inner edge of the flange-engagi ...

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A device for delivering gas to a patient comprises a unitary mask member for overlying the patient's nose and mouth and having an upper peripheral surface for lying in sealing engagement against the nose and cheeks, and a lower peripheral surface contiguous therewith disposed outwardly from the face ...

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An electro-optic device comprising a transparent conductive layer, an electrochromic layer applied on the said transparent layer, these two first elements constituting together a first electrode, a counter-electrode maintained at distance from the said first electrode, and an electrolyte ensuring an ...

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An exercise machine with a user-actuated force-applying member utilizes a spring to resist the physical force applied by the user. The physical force is applied to the spring through a cam arrangement which equalizes the force required throughout the exercise stroke.

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An intracorporeal, extracorporeal, cardiac assist, perfusion device or other pulsatile blood pumping system for circulating blood within living tissue under automatic control. Plural physiologic parameters of the tissue are monitored and utilized to control plural operating parameters of the pump du ...